The case for argument


It has been said that all written communication is an argument, meaning whatever we write is intended to convince or convict those who read it. This could apply to all communication, everything created to present an artist’s vision.

In my view, those who submit their ideas through words are artists just as are those who use diverse media. All are creating, bringing something unique to the world out of the well of themselves.

If we are to argue, it is my opinion that we should do it through our own creation and not take someone else’s work to make our stand. This is not to say we should not own items created by others that we enjoy, but that when we want to engage in presentation and conversation that holds our opinions and beliefs, we should state them with originality. Granted one may study a subject and become well educated about an issue that their perspective is more enlightened and engaging, but the work is far more persuasive when stated by the individual owning the creation.

Conversation among people becomes less appealing if one is always looking to Google on their phone for the basis of their talk. The same is true when discussing an issue in writing or artistic expression. We are the sum total of our lives and the lives of those who have influenced us. Our thoughts, feelings, opinions, ideas, creations, are worthy of presentation in the world. We should stand for ourselves. I am not discounting research, nor collaborating opinion, but when we present reasoning or refute a viewpoint, our thoughts and ideas should be the basis of our argument.

What do you think? Are you more willing to engage with someone who speaks for themselves rather than using material gathered from wherever on the internet? I would love to know your insights on the issue.

As a prompt, pick an issue you feel invested in and create a work arguing your side of the story.

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Creative block


Creative block is sometimes experienced, and at these times, often hard to overcome. It can postpone productive work for long periods. There are ways to avoid it. These may not be clear in the midst of the experience, but perhaps some preparation will assist.

There are times when time is set aside for creation, and it gets postponed or interrupted by some of life’s happenings and emergencies. Other times procrastination sets in. These things arise inevitably. Such is the beginning of a habit that becomes ingrained. An hour is put off because of some urgent event, then a day, then a week, then months pass. This cycle must be stopped early. The voluntary action it begins with becomes a mental habit that is hard to defeat.

Whenever there is an urge to work creatively, it should be heeded as soon as is possible to arrange. If some time has passed and avoidance is an entrenched mental habit the only way to break out is to face the blank page, canvas, surface, media and stay with it until work begins. This takes patience and dedication because there will be resistance. The mind, the hands, the body will try to escape, the impulse to leave and do something other will be overwhelming, but to become a functioning creative again there must be a beginning, a will to bring something new into the world. At this point, the output may not be desirable, but with renewed practice, expertise will return.

It is the mind that creates the roadblocks after it is encouraged by poor time management and prioritization. Creative time must be guarded and planned just as appointments and events, though there should always be leeway for spontaneous creation. Sometimes it is a matter of not wanting to work because of discomfort with the product or simple resistance. When these problems present, getting busy despite the critical inner voice is necessary.

Block can be overcome, it can be disarmed and sent packing, but it takes an act of will and determination to go on without compromise. Nothing great is ever created without putting in the time with the tools. It is unavoidable.

Maybe this will help with the struggle. The monster is real, but it is usually of the creative’s making. What is in mind cannot be realized without hours of dedication to working.

As a prompt, look around the current environment and select an item, tell its story, either in truth or make up a tale. If an artist, tell the story in some medium.

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Beyond Pain


When our hearts have been
Broken a few too many
Times and we feel just
Too destroyed and all alone,
We hold tight, never give up.

Because mercy falls
With endless grace from Heaven,
Christ reaches for us
He will all our burdens share,
And carry us through despair.

We have victory
Love makes us each champion,
Jesus is with us,
Even should we totter, fall,
We will, in time, rise again.

When darkness surrounds,
We recall it only takes
A crack for the light
To break through and give sweet sight
Of all beauty which survives.

Never defeated,
We are children of the King
We keep our eyes trained
On the purpose, precious love,
Love, love; we never give up.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Saturday, September 16, 2017

Between Fortune & Disaster


There is an old road
Carved so deep between fortune
And sad disaster
That no one wants to walk it,
But some never have a choice.

The skies above it
Are of a brilliant blue hue
The sun endless bright,
But those who know the road best
Will advise, avoid it at night.

Dancing in meadows
The soon bewildered do not
Comprehend what lies
Beyond the carefree places
Where such life was meant to be.

One never knows when
Raven black shadow will fall,
The Reaper’s scythe stands
Set to capture wandering
Ones, who are unsuspecting.

This old violent road
Has over ages stolen
Many weary souls,
For life pushes some onto
It and allows no escape.

Stay safe, always clear,
Never walk the road, please hear,
Too many bodies
Are buried at the crossroads,
The danger lies everywhere.

The devils, demons,
Laugh at those who lose their way,
Many dispossessed
Are thought to be damned, but no,
Even Hades shuns these lost.

There is an old road
Carved so deep between fortune
And sad disaster
That no one wants to walk it,
But some never have a choice.


Sometimes imagery is the way to deal with unspeakable things. I have used it here in illustration. If you have something to say that seems too hard, you might try this method. I had an excellent entry on Friday, but the business of life took over, and I never completed it. Perhaps after daylight.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



Some things are pictured

Stillness_with text edited

This is a bit of Photoshop work with a photo of mine and lines made up today.  Creating memes is something I would like, but none I have done has taken off yet.

Maybe you have a photograph and a perfect line. You could work those together and see what comes of it.

As a prompt write a few lines, poem, or story about seasons changing. Time passes fleetingly, and this is a way to put it in perspective.

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