Poetic form – Acrostic

2017-09-01 Do Art Now

Artwork created Friday, September 1, 2017

Most of us have done acrostic puzzles, but some may not realize it is also a poetic form. Often it is used to write about a person, event, or thing. The letters are written vertically down the page, each becoming the first letter of the respective line. Often the letters are capitalized at the beginning of each line. The lines are written out to create a poem.

The line: Do art now, will be the starter of this example.

Do Art Now!

Do you have any idea,
Original thought to lead you?

Are you stumbling in creative darkness?
Remember you have power in this place
That is unlimited by time or space.

Never underestimate your talents, gifts,
Over a lifetime you have employed them
With results, some might never imagine.

This could be continued, but an acrostic typically ends when one runs out of letters. Name acrostics are often done for special occasions, like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, promotions, and to celebrate relationships.

Give it a try. The form is actually rather simple to complete. The lines do not have to have enjambment, which is where one continues into the next, some might stand alone.

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Ever felt this?

Art can be anything. The pattern for the meme is a kitchen rug. If you look carefully at your surroundings, you will find the opportunity for creativity in perhaps, mundane things. There is so much beauty in the world that we often overlook. We live for something to overwhelm us when there is much in our lives that when looked at with open eyes reveals its unique character.

Look around, see if there is something which can be incorporated into an interesting and arresting creation. Each of us is capable of making something out of almost nothing. The fabric of the universe, of our day, is ours to explore and use in myriad ways to further our creative impulse.

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You are a gift from the hand of the Creator…
Be aware of your importance…

In all places, times, persons, there has never been another exactly like you. You are a wonder and treasure. You have gifts, talents, thoughts, ideas, expressions, and emotions that are entirely remarkable. There is a purpose to your existence.

You are a perfect manifestation of the love of God. You have power and worth. Your ability to create is unlimited. You are a blessing. You have no neediness or wantingness, for all abundance continually accrues toward you.

You are beautiful for you are a creature made in God’s own image. You are an eternal being of love. Your actions and words are right and good. You have no reason to fear.

Love flows from you into the world, changing lives. You inspire others to reach for their higher selves. They see their greatness reflected in your eyes and your actions toward them.

Every day you become more. You are always growing into the person you want to be. You are aware and awake to whom you are. God inhabits your world and you personally. With this unity, you can do miracles.

You are sure of your competence and of God. The light and love of the Savior infuse you. You are vastly talented, supremely creative because that is who you are.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Wednesday, April 12, 2000

You may notice this is from one of my prompts that I shared. Originally written in the first person it was also set in color.

I hope you will think of how precious you are and how great influence you may have on the world through the use of your creative talents.

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Redirect your day


Every day we experience a variety of emotions and moods. These influence and inspire our creativity. As an exercise, think about the sentiment or mood that dominated the day. Go back into that state, if only in thought. Pick something that seemed to cause it and explore that a few minutes.

When the feeling is dominant create a character or begin a work of art that displays the emotion or mood and see how it works out. Let this be an imagined creation, not based on reality. Write or work as long as is comfortable, then continue a bit more. Often when we go beyond our limits and push ourselves, we will find an unexpected breakthrough wherein the genius lies.

This is a way to integrate creativity into our lives and sometimes find resolutions to problems or situations we are struggling to solve. The creative impulse not only allows us to do works we imagine, but it helps us deal with the things that trouble our days. It is a major contributor to our happiness and success. No one finds a new way forward without engaging creativity in their lives. Innovation is always sparked by the efforts of creative imagination.

Our goals going forward should mingle our creative imagination with our engagement with reality, so that our days may become more joyful and happiness filled.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The forge, the rain


I once told someone,
We have to walk through the fire
To reach the other side,
Where the cleansing rain falls down
Washing all the smut away.

I can say the truth
Is the fire can burn away
All the reasons why
We want to hold on to ways
That no longer serve our aid.

People are like gold
Smelted in fire to force out
Impurities which
We must lose to become who
We are meant to truly be.

The rain can cool us
So we do nothing quick, rash,
It restores our peace
Making us aware we are
Only strangers passing here.

There will come times
When the firing is over
We move through the rain
And then we will be wrapped in
Linen white as untrod snow.

So now, remember,
The furnace is only here
To forge character,
Refreshing rain will bring
A sweet, forever surcease.


Now it is your turn. Stir up that creativity that lives in you and write, draw, photograph, or compose something that expresses traveling from one emotional or mental state of confusion or trouble to one where there are comfort and a continuation of goodness in life.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, September 11, 2017