Subject to Lift

There grew a simple garden
Under nature’s wholesome care
Time was given plenty to nurture
The various elements well and fair.
Features grew as were expected
Coming beneath moon and sun of age
The seasons arriving in the turn
Of many a numbered page.
Though seldom, laughter danced
For those finest fairest moments;
Tears wrought lines with depth
To fruit character slowly granted
In the structure of a malleable face.
Love became a staff of life
A giving of God’s sweet grace,
Every day brings in passing
An emerging opportunity
Where knowledge can be
Harvested, settling in the deepness
Comprehended passionately,
Becoming fruit, a person soulfully.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


This poem is in answer to Prompted Positive Poetry’s prompt, “Fruit.” If you were to see the draft I wrote in the notebook, you might be tempted to ask, “What the __________ happened?” It is unusual for something to morph like this did. I enjoyed the challenge.

When It Comes Right

Like the rumors spoken
By those who little know us
Are things that stand witness
Against who we are to be,
Without knowledge, thought,
Commitment enough
To forestall our destiny.
Life has played hard to injure
Our confidence and rob us
Of the greater strength,
But we were born for this time
Nurtured on reality’s roughness
Embued with intellect and love.
Distant castles and vast waters
Call our hearts and minds
To reach what is not easily won
In days when those who hold
Hold high places chase nothing
But their profit and give
Our treasure carelessly away.
Love will not always allow
Injustice, it is a sweetness but
Bears an incisive sword.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



I swallow the words
That come forward on my lips
Speak them, I may not,
But the taste of love upon
My tongue sweetens like honey.

My thirst, a swallow,
Or deeper draught of living’s
Liqueur dispensed smooth
To draw forth fortunate strength
Allowing sufficient courage.

Pain, sorrow, swallowed
By happiness becoming
Prominent abode
Inside body, mind, spirit, soul,
Love taking absolute control.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



They told us we should
Be content with whatever
Life chose to give us,
But we find there is a bit
Of us that wants for ourselves,
Sometimes we make things happen
Or set them along their way
For love and creativity
Are tools we have in play,
To help the world be kinder
And our minds resource creativity
All we are we give when we can away.
Some cannot understand how
We can be content with this
Because we may not chase those
Things they rule of importance
But love has its requirements
As does creativity and to some
Those are less significant,
Whereas they are life to us.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



I gave a sample
And what surprise, I found who
Had been forgotten
Under layers of disguise;
The passionate love inside.


Now wide awakened
The ghost who lived so alone
No one knowing who
Deepened in darkling shadows;
Yet burned warm as flame, bright light.


Reach out another
Moment, dawn raising delight,
Taking it over
The secret long-sought before
Any explanation might.


Yesterday, I went to my psych. It was interesting. I also went to Sam’s for the first time since March 14. Today, I am trying to recuperate. Maybe I will hit my stride with writing again soon. 

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan