Coming Alight

In the arms awaiting
The tenderness of loving
Comfort becomes so much
Lives together entwining
Living more than survival, joy.
Created from the beginning
To enmesh living, being, freedom,
Some seeking companionship
To embrace a life shared
Wherein each other lives peace.
Hope for days, months, years,
Held, comes a moment when
The waiting is abandoned,
For meeting face to face
The find of one another – release.
Happiness it dances within
Hearts attendant, attuned to love
With its sweet intimacy and passion
The gifts shared become the sweeter
For time and time as it continues.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan – 2020

2020.06.02 Hanging Latern - Copy

Dig In, Hold Tight

Sometimes believing is fraught with danger to the heart
Sometimes we do not know where trust may start
But if we will be willing a little to believe
Sometimes an excellent gift we may in reality receive;
For fear, it is always a danger inserting its harm
Into places, we once called safe, and we must stand firm
Against the doubts and sorrows, fear conveys;
Life is a parade of hopes and dreams which with belief
Every one of us is capable of making real.
The darkness often chases us and puts us within its delight,
But we are not of it, and we will overcome it with love’s light
We are more than conquerors, God’s children precious in His sight.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan – 2020

All the best to all of you. I hope creativity finds you and all your dreams continue manifesting for you. God Bless.


Perfect vision is 20/20. Looking at something clearly and representing both sides is 20/20. This year was expected to come in like the Roaring Twenties by some of us. Get your fashion polished, your music rocking, party down, enjoy life.

2020 did not get the memo. I can see that persona looking at 2019, which we thought we would get the better of in 2020, and grinning, saying, 2019 just watch closely now because it is going to get real.

The coronavirus came in early, and it wanted large portions of our populations. It was not content with one locale; no, it became a worldwide pandemic. Its effects go so much further than the lives it has stolen. The economic ramifications are apt to last several decades. We have learned to live in isolation, but that is not really a rational way. We crave companionship, touch, conversation. So much we have been robbed of in our lives over these months.

In the USA, we are now facing riots, mobs, caused by the ongoing abuse of power by sectors of government, most particularly police brutality and use of lethal force against minorities. There is still a pandemic, and people are taking to the streets to protest. The protest is justified. Damage of property and bodily injury, not so much. However, I do understand the frustration, and if anything can end the injustice, that too may be justified. I worry for those on both sides of the stand-offs.

I am praying for the world. I am writing from my heart. I want to see every life cherished and loved. I want every person, everywhere, to feel that they are worthy and have a future. We are all precious and Black Lives Matter. Prejudice, violence, bullying have no place in our world. We are human, and all of us are creations of God.

The idea that this could have been a year for dressing up and enjoying the company of others, 2020, still sticks in my head. I hope that at some point soon, that may become our reality.

God bless us all. May each one of us stay safe and be guided by love in our dealings. May the coronavirus disappear from Earth, or we find treatments and vaccines. For everyone who is discriminated against may several come forward to ease their plight. May we watch our words and actions and do those things that convey love, kindness, tenderness, compassion to each one we encounter.

I do not often come here with current events. My heart aches, and I must speak out. I am concerned that things may grow worse if we do not try to make a difference.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan – 2020

2020.06.01 Aquatic shot