It’s a Guess…

Sometimes I come to this thing I do every day and I am lost without any discernible way. I would welcome most any idea from anywhere, but I am left to my devices. So this is what you get today. I sort of like it, even if I had no inkling what it would be. I just play, like the kid I used to be.

I hope your creativity graces you with gifts that delight you. Smiles can be hard to come by, but love will always find a way. Keep plodding, there are great things to come, you just have to continue on.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Future Chasing

In the deep places
Where every stream of words keeps
There abides a space
We can sometimes tender reach
To work miracles with lines.

A whisper within
The cold September rain sings
The joy of your name
Captivating me again,
The storm, beloved, begins.

Be, dance, read, sing, write,
The materials we feel, touch,
Create us all real.

Time will find us each
Among the careful gardens
Where butterflies play
Weaving beauty and magic
Hope and creativity.

Given we well know
Ourselves, one another, seems
We might harness dreams
To transport us across space,
Time to live of love and peace.

Keeping an Edge

I think I might – can –
Beat back this creeping coldness
That wraps like water
Around the heart, soul, of me,
Freezing lifeforce inside cubes.

I have every word
I have come to know, befriend,
A useful well filled
With love, faith, wisdom, magic,
Enough to warm my being.

I will not silent
Give my peace over to be
Sent into empty
Where no work ever becomes;
For there remain words, in me.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The Marvelous Wookie

Wookie is not a fan of photographs when she must be in them. Also, sleeping in my bed rather than hers would make her much happier. Her short hairs cause me to go into a mad itch, so I usually let her lounge on the floor.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Want some inspiration? Cue up the Eric Church. Brilliant man.

Yeah, I know you did not come for me to toot my playlist, but sometimes, what I am immersed in breaks loose like the Autumn leaves, scarlet and gold, fluttering to cover the ground.

I have some challenges ahead, spare a thought or prayer for me if you care to. While you are in that attitude say a kind word for this world of ours. Things are rough and tough all over and many could use a hand up to help get by.

It is often I
Find hot tears flooding these eyes,
For things beyond me.

Bless you all, always. Hold on, stay free.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan