Many creatives work across disciplines, equally at home in each. You will find many expressions of the creative impulse here, as well as encouragement and inspiration.

My name is Jo Ann J. A. Jordan. I am an avid reader; enjoy writing, photography, art, and computing. I am currently working part-time as a Copy Editor and love my job. I was caregiver to my Mom until her death in 2017. My son lives away, but is always in my heart.

I am a dedicated Christian. I believe Jesus is who the Holy Bible teaches He is. I am not, however, narrow-minded. I am open to discourse from those with differing opinions. Combining differences can be good.

I have Schizo-Affective Disorder but am currently mostly stable on medication. There have been periods of time when I lost touch with reality. One of those is recorded on my previous blog Chronicles in the archives for 2005.

I am single and have been so for quite some time. When I write about love, in my poetry or prose, it usually does not reference any particular person. I have known love so I can write from that experience.

Everything on this blog, unless otherwise credited, is copyright Jo Ann J. A. Jordan. If you wish to reproduce it, I would prefer you ask permission, but if not, please credit it that way.

I hope that you will find edifying things you enjoy throughout this blog. Take time to do a bit of exploring around. Please leave me a comment or follow Haphazard Creative.

As host of this venture, I can be reached at hopefuljo@msn.com. My Facebook ID is JoAnn J. A. Jordan and my Twitter ID is @JoAnnJAJordan.

I hope you encounter content that challenges you to continue your own creative journey.