This is Haphazard Creative!

This is a site dedicated to the creative life and what each of us can accomplish if we use creativity in our daily pursuits. We enjoy life more if we engage our imaginations in all we do.

There will be instructional pieces and explorations of what it means to be creative. There will also be creations in various disciplines. Some things will entertain, and some will be calls to participate in some activity.

It is hoped that what is on display here will cause an examination of methods used, encourage, inspire, and maybe sometimes cause an exclamation of joy or wonder.

No one can live a fulfilled life without embracing the challenge to create. We were endowed with the ability from birth, and it accompanies us into old age. No time is the wrong time to be creative, and no one is exempt from the capability.

There will be plenty here to urge you on the creative journey.

Join in, and thank you for visiting.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan