Keeping Until

Love – Doves © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


We win sometimes, but
Other times we lose so hard
We break down and weep;
Remember our tears; God keeps –
Never quit ’til final sleep.
There is a purpose
For every hurt, all defeats,
Pain is creative
Teaches strength enough to leap
Catching dreams Love lives to keep.
No accidents, all
Obstacles, problems build up
Reservoirs of good,
Blessings that shower down on
Us, when we come to grace – show.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Be well, be safe, and carry on.


Graceful Hope

There is a bond of Love, straightforward, tenacious, and incredible, between God and us, although our destinies may be permanently physically separated in this space and time. We trust and believe Love will last forever.

Love is a curious thing – beyond the real yet vibrant present. Rare and beautiful is what He brings to Life within us, though not suitable to be contained by this world, only in the haven of our hearts, given and enacted toward others.

Some of our best writing comes with thoughts of our beloved. We all go into the highest mode when creating poetry, songs, or important messages to exchange. These are often fanciful forays into a land full of dreams that only the Divine can fulfill.

God, though, is much greater than our fallibility.

Love, what a glorious creation, but more yet, unbounded, unabashed, familiar, comfortable, passionate, forgiving, graceful, eternal, binding, freedom in keeping, amazement. Here is Life, to trust in the power of Love. Love is the essence of The Lord, constantly manifesting through us with purpose. He is all, and we together in Him are all.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

09:35 AM

I said…

It doesn’t matter,
It is all a whimsy game
But alas, later,
It lured me in once again;
I blew all time asunder.

The hungry hippo
Tries not to eat the sugar,
But what a struggle!

And on, on, it goes
Barely here, yet hardly gone,
It changes colors
Lighting up the air, lights out;
Group, together open share.

I am resolute
To leave; lingering poems
Keep besieging me.

No longer a requirement
No ribbons, badges,
Only vagrant scribblings here,
Revealing nothing precise.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I am perplexed. I suppose the thing is a habit—almost a compulsion.

PROMPT: Dare yourself to come clean; stop hiding behind sheets of invisibility.

Whatever you do, do it despite the critics, silent or other-disposition.


I committed to myself to continue this Creative Project for 2022. The realization that my content has garnered less interest over time has prompted reconsideration.

The effort involved and the expense has become overtaxing. I am not able to keep my promise.

To those of you who have been readers, thank you. Carry on, in blessing.


Jo Ann