It is mysterious
But sometimes the World must stop
For inspiration,
Because we get too involved
To recognize the ordinary signs.
We read something and feel wonder,
We hear a song that takes our breath,
We feel a passion that sets us aflame,
We survey an astounding view,
We hug someone we love endlessly,
We come away unmoved to our everyday.
Those momentous miraculous happenings
We let slip into a dusty file of memory
And we forget to choose happiness,
To be amazed at all the glorious beauties;
So the World stops us, reroutes our attention
Providing inspiration to Keep Us Alive.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Today’s prompt on Prompted Positive Poetry is “Inspiration.” I just finished this.

Unexpected Blessing

It has come to this,
Moreso than ever before
Every wake-up, we
Celebrate, because we are
Here, we again SURVIVED!
Our incredible
Year makes hours precious,
Priceless, dear, each moment
A miracle beyond the norm;
No expectation of
Far-reaching futures spooling
Out on Earth endlessly.
To search out a happiness
Needed in the present course,
We have called
“Cease Fire”
On anything unnecessarily
Negative, anyone abusive,
All government intrusion,
Unprofitable illusions,
Has overcome complications.
Is become a Whole World
Pulling together for life,
Standing as ONE,
We are completely inclined
To feeling overwhelming love
For all, there is, and one another,
Working together to save and heal
What we are able, the planet changes
With our consistent hope
And constant prayers,
The Lord hears,
Restores much
And will wipe away
Our tears.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I wrote this in the night-time morning hours of today. Several days ago, the prompt on Prompted Positive Poetry was “Cease Fire.” I think I liberated it a bit, but you may realize I tend to do such.


The iridescent filaments
Are a shimmering visual
White buttercream icing, web
Thin, among the spaces not
By the sentinel maples, oaks,
Pines, of these woods which
Daylight are comfortingly
Familiar, but in twilight and
Full dark
Are a touch disquieting,
A shiver with something of
That Otherworld where
Dance on pinheads, toadstools,
Friendly dogs can be transformed
Into creatures causing cold blood
Cruddling fear
Making staying in the circle
Of light seem the only logical
Course open to guarantee survival.
Yet, even so, the iridescent
Fancy buildings encourage the rise
Of hair along the nape and
Fervent prayer to be safe
From the predations of the
Fairy King.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

A previous prompt in the Facebook Group, Prompted Positive Poetry was, “Iridescent.” I have wanted to write about the weird woods. My son, Alex, told me I should grow up and quit my fear of the dark. I am unsure of that possibility. Reading less in the horror genre might help, but Nah, that will not happen.

Candid Conversation

Reflection, who is,
And is not, even real, me;
You know what goes on
Where shadows caress my eyes
I know you, doubly, the spy.
I hide away, me,
But a mirror always sees
Behind the public facade;
Where I present as okay,
Not speaking the frequent doubts
The horrible fears,
Pain thoroughly convincing me
I am surely cursed.
Mirror, please now realign
My face with bright eyes, sure smile,
Be the expression
I carry when I cannot cope
Give me steadfast hope
Shore up my courage, with faith,
Teach me to be better, me.
Mirror, I hope life
Where you are is kinder, gentler,
Than this ongoing disaster,
You have the only face seen
Recently, ah, please do not cry
I know somehow you can get by,
Me, well, I will try, and you know
Already, when I will, I thrive.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The prompt on the Facebook Group, Prompted Positive Poetry today is, “Mirror.” If you have never done a creative work based on your mirror doppelganger or anything really about mirrors, you should try it. Like Snow White, Dorian Gray, and others, the mirror has fascinating possibilities.

More Than Wishes

We can wish, wish, wish
This gift of life completely
Because time
Helps us do as we will,
Not guarding us
Against choices
Poorly made, unwise,
But we have enough power
To set a better
Leading us to complete,
Accomplish worthy goals set
So we may achieve
Purposes existing
Beyond fond wishes;
Happiness and joy
Into every part, aspect,
Of our daily life
Where we become fully
Wishing can guide acts
Selected for good outcomes
With positive effort
That permit our grand
Of difficulties which
May present themselves
When along
Our onward progress
We determinedly continue.
We are gifted
With ample resources
To make
Our dreams into

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Today’s PAD Challenge Prompt at Poetic Asides is “Wish.” I think it went off on its own path, but I am okay with it.

I hope all of you are well and coping with whatever variety of social distancing you are experiencing. Remember to keep creating. Also, remember you are loved.