Continue, In Doubt

Entry Eight – 2023 Creativity Project

I am uncertain that this Creativity Project will survive. I am having difficulty convincing myself to do it already, and the year is young.

Part of this is that I am having problems keeping myself engaged in reality. I have a lot on my mind that I feel disinclined to share. 

I am usually transparent in my Creativity Projects, but this is becoming near impossible.

I put a lot of pressure on myself when I commit to these. The fact that I feel I am creating in a vacuum does not help me. No one is commenting, few likes occur, and my stats show that there a so few visitors it is almost depressing.

I do not have a journal entry today. I went for a long walk outside this evening; I tried to straighten myself out. I had no success.

I have taken no photographs today and done no art. So much of my content is missing. I am writing at the last possible moment because I still feel a commitment.

I am grateful:

1. My best friend called today.
2. My night vision is still incredibly intact.
3. I had a baked potato.

Prompt: Permit yourself to be completely real and create from there.

Thanks for visiting. Take care. God Bless.

Always & Ever,
Jo Ann

4 thoughts on “Continue, In Doubt

  1. Expand your online social presence. Instagram, FB, etc…get the links out there. This is YOUR outlet..not the rest of the world, so the hell with them.


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