Heroes Today

The ones who stand in
Love even when the world goes
Cold toward others;
Those who show continual
Kindness to the left behind,
Mothers who loyal teach
Another generation
To stand firm and lead,
Fathers who invest many hours
In passing on a will to succeed.
Waitresses smiling
At all within their stations,
Firemen giving all to save
Cherished lives every day,
The families missing them.
The harried supervisor
Dealing with workers fairly,
Teachers leaving all
Tempers at home each day,
Becoming founts of knowledge, tolerance.
Doctors going well
Beyond normal strength to
Bring help and healing to those in need,
Clerks maintaining pleasant smiles
When days are long, conditions vile.
Sergeants sweating pools
As the day scorches foreign land
Serving however freedom demands,
Uniformed officers on the street
Meting out justice with understanding.
Creators forming treasures
Out of imagination’s ethereal air,
Everyone trying desperately
To make a better world today
Spreading tons of love over the miles
Doing their best in each and all parts
To believe in potential, foster opportunity,
Furnish each moment with such goodness,
That everyone can be stronger and excel.


This is the clock tower in my downtown, Douglasville. I spent a day walking about.

I hope life is going well for all of you. Always remember, even in the rough times, that you are a precious gift sent here with a purpose and a reason.

Take care, and God Bless.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Moments Paid

A few things I lost
Along my wild rambling way
No permission did
Any seek, so none I gave,
Though parts now, I would recall.
The games our hearts play
Are often much uncertain,
Win one, another
Lose, as favor slips away
To leave arms open, empty.
Beauty questing fades,
With swift count, seasons turning,
But what exists deep
Within the pure soul, solid
As sweet joining bands of gold.
Music still remains
No force can forbid, steal what
Feelings it rouses,
A thrill long returning though
Presence, event, memory.
Lost, perhaps, but lived –
Free and candid, trusting love
To withstand each storm,
Taking time for sweet wonder
Passion’s rapt glory measured.
A few things I lost
Along my wild rambling way
No permission did
Any seek, so none I gave,
Though parts now, I would recall.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Anyway, Love

In bright times laced with smiles,
On long days covering too many miles,
When success breezes in, dreams come true,
At moments when failure occurs, as it will do,
Find yourself constant, love anyway.

Discovering a new love, quite delicious,
Dealing with a terrible loss, needing one solicitous,
Welcoming the advent of excitement with joy,
Finding tedium and boredom in things that cloy,
You have the power within, love anyway.

When tired beyond bearing, yet cannot sleep,
Tempted by whatever pleasures, unable to keep,
Disappointed by those you hold precious, dear,
Facing intense battles, riddled by fear,
Square your shoulders, head held high, love anyway.

Embraces that gladden hearts near despair,
Confidence enriched from many, everywhere,
Friends on whom you can depend,
Relationships breaking to suddenly end,
The brightness and darkness, love anyway.

Love is not a few words, aptly said,
Invite it to live and tuck it in bed,
Love can be defined by no measure,
Love is all, present forever, infinite treasure,
We are our most competent best when we love anyway.


Photo taken in the Chapel at Callaway Gardens. I was there a number of times doing photo shoots.

I was struggling, not knowing what I would write tonight. A phrase leapt out of the novel I am reading, “he loved me anyway.” I immediately thought we should all love anyway. The poem came with some work, but it sure is nice to be loved anyway. I believe unconditional love is in somewhat short supply.

I hope each of you has a productive week, peppered with enough relaxation to keep you fortified for all that comes your way. May you gain the successes you strive for and find peace and love in all your ways. Be well, God Bless You!

@ Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Steel, Today

All things exist within us,
Anxiety, doubt, fear, pain,
Gaiety, happiness, joy, pleasure,
Each one a reaction of the heart
Gifted by the immensity of soul.

We allow feelings at times
To overwhelm us and drift
Into a morass of despair,
Or deep jungles of desire;
We learn to steel ourselves.

Nothing and no one can have
Power over us, without
We permit and submit;
We are made so bold, strong,
Able to evade traps set before us.

The Love within us, our gifts
Of emotion and intellect are honed
To protect us from mighty storms,
We shall not be forced to conform
To what negates our justification.

All we are a precious company
Set forth to aid humanity,
Pressing forward, not gazing behind,
Fixed inside this time of confusion
To dispel destructive delusions.

Wield well the weapons given
Leading others into the glow
Even as the shadows grow
Like a cold forbidding night;
All belong in Christ, made bright.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Recent Reading

The Binder of Lost Stories by Cristina Caboni is available through Kindle Unlimited. The book is 261 pages, but it reads quickly. Threads from the present and past are expertly woven in this tale of book romance. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it. Were ten on the rating scale, it would easily earn it, as is it is a glorious five.

The Whisper Man by Alex North was read on Kindle and is 350 pages of consummate storytelling with spellbinding horror. Children are our future, but no future should be like this. It reads quickly because the writing is exquisite, but it might chill your blood to the bone. Excellently told, another I would award a ten, but our scales like to end at five, so be it.

The Hellfire Club by Jake Tapper is one of those Kindle books I was not quite prepared for and was taken out beyond the breakers. It came in at 344 pages, but it is so much more than that indicates. You may be aware I shy from politics, this book goes right to the heart of the beast, and what we do not know, well, it is revealing. It is a reasonably fast read, but the taste will stay with you a while. Another one which should be a ten, but it is a racy five.

The Killing Fog by Jeff Wheeler is a First Read on Kindle this month coming in at 404 pages. I think had I realized it fell into YA, I might have taken a pass. That said, the story is enchanting and heroic, classic good against evil. Swords, magic, dragons, villains, a female protagonist. It gets a five.

You may find I often rate fives, the reason being I almost always pick books I know I will enjoy. When purchased books disappoint me, I am usually surprised.

I seem to be on a Kindle kick. I read faster on a device. It is probably because I do my steps while reading, and the screen is illuminated, whereas the shadows affect my vision when I read hardcovers.

Whatever you do, read. It helps a person in so many ways. Also, instill the love of reading in everyone you can.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan