Random Thoughts, Considerations on Being

My maybe resolution to use this new journal more positively seems to be working. I thought if I do not give my negativity place by writing it out, perhaps I can banish at least a percentage of it from my days. This would be wondrous.

The thoughts on those pages are only a beginning. These issues, I hope to cover in more depth. Creativity, love, and reality with their relationship to one another, and the causation of action their interaction begets are of extreme interest to me. I am somewhat working on a book about Creativity in which I intend to explore all these things.

As a Prompt: Do you know what you believe about creativity, love, and reality? Have you expressed it for clarification to yourself? Why not explore it creatively?

I thank you for reading, I hope something here inspired or encouraged you to remain active on your creative journey. If you like, follow Haphazard Creative, or return at your pleasure. May all your endeavors be blessed.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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