Remaining Real

I have a heartache
Deeper than the ocean blue
Higher than the sunrise sky
It reminds me I am human
Teaches me to take nothing
However mundane for granted;
Tells me to cherish every moment
And love everyone I encounter
Because people have hidden scars
Struggles they cover over before
They leave for outdoors.
Life is heavy, it weighs more
Than anyone can carry, so best
Practice is to forever be kind,
So I keep the heartache
Always near my thought,
Put a smile on and live as much
As I can like nothing ever hurts
Love is eternity and the journey counts
As much or more than the destination.
We are only here a while, so we should
Do the good we can, then even more.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Musing on Repair

This may get further treatment, but for now, it is.

I hope you are enjoying your day. I have QUEEN playing and am creating, so it is an excellent day to be alive, even with being alive a challenge.

I have a medication change I am adjusting to with some angst, but, I have meds, which is better than the alternative.

Gratitude List

I am thankful:

1. There is air conditioning.
2. There is food in the house.
3. I know how to read.
4. Writing is an extraordinary grace.
5. I found a piece that facilitated making a much-desired repair.

As a prompt, explore what you might do allowed to correct your worse mistake.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Random Thoughts, Considerations on Being

My maybe resolution to use this new journal more positively seems to be working. I thought if I do not give my negativity place by writing it out, perhaps I can banish at least a percentage of it from my days. This would be wondrous.

The thoughts on those pages are only a beginning. These issues, I hope to cover in more depth. Creativity, love, and reality with their relationship to one another, and the causation of action their interaction begets are of extreme interest to me. I am somewhat working on a book about Creativity in which I intend to explore all these things.

As a Prompt: Do you know what you believe about creativity, love, and reality? Have you expressed it for clarification to yourself? Why not explore it creatively?

I thank you for reading, I hope something here inspired or encouraged you to remain active on your creative journey. If you like, follow Haphazard Creative, or return at your pleasure. May all your endeavors be blessed.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My Angels

The one in the foreground, gray and white, is Hope. She is not expected to be with me much longer because she has an aggressive growth.

The one in the background, gold and white, is Ko-Ko. I inherited her.

This photo is from my cell-phone.

There was an earlier post with encouragement, gratitude, prompt, see it for more.

It is our decision


You must choose creativity if you wish to gain or expand creative ability. The choice will help you accept that you are, or become more of, a creative person.

If you write, I suggest lots of reading. Be selective though; books and magazines about the writer’s craft, creativity, inspirational books, devotionals, and pictorial books. Magazines, newspapers, candy reading (whatever you most enjoy), biographies (these give you insight into real people whose characteristics you can weave into realistic characters). Psychology, design, histories, poetry, and I am sure you are getting some ideas of your own.

For photographers, there is no substitute for getting out and shooting, even pictures from home can hone skills. National Geographic, Wired, Vogue, Architectural Digest, and other photo-laden magazines can have you imagining things to try. Photography magazines can instruct and inform. A photography club can provide critique and instruction.

Classes may be beneficial if you find an excellent instructor and can afford to invest those funds. Writers and photographers are well-advised to combine the talents. Should your skills be weaker in one, endeavor to improve. Text and pictures together draw more sustained attention than the presentation of either alone. Practice will enhance the work quickly if you focus on creative intensity, but be willing to invest years in becoming a master.

Art! Art is where my focus has broken down, but instruction books, classes, visiting places that contain art (even just the local craft store where there are prints), practice and more practice will help you grow your innate creative talent. Be courageous, you do not have to be Frida, Pablo, Leonardo, or Georgia, at this time, be yourself. Experiment, use color, use media, be bold, develop your eyes, and your hands. Find your element.

You are you, and your creative genius is exactly what your audience is searching for, your reach will increase in proportion to the effort you dedicate. If you misplace a line assume it should be there and build it into your creation. The chances are no one will ever discover what you consider imperfection. The audience forgives what to it is unknown. Would that I heeded my advice, but some are more beholden to perfectionism than are others.

Music, I seldom articulate my background, but I was in chorus and choir from an early age. I lettered in chorus the three full years I attended high school. I also studied guitar a few years and spent many hours happily playing electric organ. The choral lessons taught diction and enunciation. I left music when I lost my Kimball organ, I had it from the seventies until 2000. The wound is deep.

I will tell you if you have the gift of voice, or if you do not, it is a choice. The vocal instrument can be improved with time. You must want the facility, or it will elude you. Should you perform, do not stumble over a mistake, sing out, smile and keep going. The audience will not realize you fumbled unless your stress draws attention to it.

I have gone long. Sometimes, I find a groove.

I realized I have 1,330 followers on the blog, Chronicles. I thought those would follow me to the new venue, but it seems not. So, I am debating what I should do. There should be a way via WordPress to incorporate the two. Combining things and setting new priorities is sometimes a weakness of mine. Creative solutions are my mark so I will come up with something.

I am grateful:

  1.   I have a best friend.
  2.   I can play my stereo loud.
  3.   I have food to eat.
  4.   There is hot water.
  5.   I am comfortable writing.
  6.   I have books to read.
  7.   Pen and ink.

You have by now seen enough of my Gratitude Lists that you should be practicing them yourself. If not, ask yourself why you refuse. It is a beneficial habit.

The match lighting the fire of
Our talent’s intent.


Fill your mind with all
The inspiration it will
Hold, then make it new.


Travel the spaces
Between the living moments
Cradle your ideas.


As a prompt, consider your creative talents and make a plan to foster your skills and increase them. You may need to dedicate more time or clear space. Prepare yourself for success, and you will indubitably find it.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan