2022 Creativity Project – March 23

We Little Know (linked tanka)

There is upon Earth
Some belief we are given
That all is, and well,
But what we know does remain
A puzzle all unexplained.
The days run fast past,
Anticipation is slow;
Things come, hurry, go,
Love we hope, then sad, find no;
Seasons changing, wild weeds grow.
Everything precious
Love concedes, procures, proclaims,
Ought carefully mind
Only in a gentle heart deep
Does forever, treasure keep.
Never, now give up
You have life, go about it,
Happiness, share it,
Pay your good, in love, with joy
Everyday excellence employ.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I have been writing poems to no effect, but there is with none else too. I hope all is well with you, the world seems a tearful place, but I hope gladness shines on you.

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