2022 Creativity Project – March 31

Cravings Sprung

The troglodytes begin to emerge,
Ghosts dreams awoke from deep dens
Of Winter before treasure could find
Shredding away heavy layers when
Dawn comes very soon to expose
Vulnerable skin, while still outside
The new bloom adjusting delicate Faces questioning creativity in tastes
Unmasked to the feral light, will love Last from what has passed in depths
Still carrying hope through coldness,
Lonely night, which somehow in Dreams became natural, joy breaks,
Once left behind, no nightmares,
Not one, please; whispers usher in
Companionship, only those giving
Lives new life, songs, overwhelming
Delight – passing all the goodness on.
Dens which harbored life, dreams
Foggy as ghosts left behind for open
Spaces, seeking the prize – existence,
Smiles broad on faces made meaning
Finding love in varied places, eyes Full, creation rising, discovering the World is still beyond reach of oblivion
From glacier to desirable, beautiful,
All welcoming senses, belonging.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I wrote two poems today, and then I thought, why not put them together as one?

As a PROMPT: Find two works and combine them as one. Troglodytes and Ghosts worked for me, what will you use?

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