2022 Creativity Project – April 4

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Regaining Will

Self-destruction is
A game to play when fading
Is not quick enough
A take away to meet needs
Of emptiness and disgust.
Life seems long, wasted,
But then time to mourn those lost
Sets wonder on course
To mend what can be reckoned,
To die seems less gift than cost.
Useless, ah never,
Broken, repairs still to make,
Friendless, the streets call,
Life an elegance, challenge,
Do not give in or give up.
Every human has
Something to share much needed
In a world that spares
No one the dregs of sorrow
Still, hope brings joy, tomorrow.

Those of you who take time to read, maybe share a like that lets me know I am reaching; I appreciate you so much. This is one of my difficult seasons; I take one of my turns. The desperate fight goes on, but I am here; I will not give up.

Fires are burning, yearning for peace, strength, hope, and love to take me on. The battle rages through my ages, and it is hard to carry on. Long and longer love, it will, I will keep on.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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