Photography: Better than some think

By now you have taken hundreds if not thousands of photos. I bet you have heard or thought that a great camera takes better pictures. If you are an experienced photographer, it can be a bit of a downer, and if you are just starting out, it has you thinking you have to break the bank.

The truth is anyone can take good pictures with a little creativity and some practice. One thing that digital photography allows us is to take a lot of photos. If you watch the professionals that get paid for their work, a shoot may involve thousands of photographs so they can choose the best of the bunch. They usually have spectacular equipment too, but that is a career investment.

Stop taking one shot of a subject, make a bunch. Another thing is to really look at your subject, check the light, angle, distance, and get close. If you are photographing children or animals get on their level. With living things highlight the eyes, that is your focus.

Invest in some editing software, almost no one who you admire displays pictures straight out of the camera. The best is Adobe’s Creative Cloud, but it is pricey and requires a subscription.  Check the web for alternatives.

Join a club or organization that focuses on photography. Watch YouTube videos, especially the ones about your equipment. Books are also good though many overlook them now. Take classes if you feel you need extra help.

You can be a great creative photographer, and you are probably better than you think already.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you come back soon. Take care!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2 thoughts on “Photography: Better than some think

  1. Love this post!

    I began taking photos in a serious way in the 90’s…when I began going on long bike rides and visited numerous popular tourist venues in my native SoCal…
    When I got my first computer, in 98, I added cat and animal photography to my interest, as I adopted my original creative muse, Nikita.
    Over the next 18 years, using $150 Canon Point & Shoots, I took lots of photos, even finding a way to prop the camera on my bike handlebar so I could use delay to get in the pic myself.
    In 2011 I to a computer class on Adobe Photo Shop Elements 9 and still have program on my laptop.
    Never seemed to fined time to really explore it’s possibilities over the years, though, and now I may need to really upgrade.
    The past 2 years I have been stuck using a cell phone, but still have done some good pics.
    Not happy without a real camera, though, and am looking into something more than point and shoot.
    My sense of humor plays a part in my photography as does my creative writing muse…and having cats who seem to be naturals in front of a camera has helped.
    Your piece gives me some ideas for new ways to take pics and improve myself as a photographer.


    1. I hope you are able to return to the world of computers and get a “real” camera shortly. People are taking incredible pictures with phones now, and they are very convenient because we almost always have one handy. A big part of getting the shot is having a device with you that will take it the instant it appears. Few things in life wait for you to come back later.

      Thank you for your comment and good luck on your photographic journey. Be creative and visit here often.


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