More Than Wishes

We can wish, wish, wish
This gift of life completely
Because time
Helps us do as we will,
Not guarding us
Against choices
Poorly made, unwise,
But we have enough power
To set a better
Leading us to complete,
Accomplish worthy goals set
So we may achieve
Purposes existing
Beyond fond wishes;
Happiness and joy
Into every part, aspect,
Of our daily life
Where we become fully
Wishing can guide acts
Selected for good outcomes
With positive effort
That permit our grand
Of difficulties which
May present themselves
When along
Our onward progress
We determinedly continue.
We are gifted
With ample resources
To make
Our dreams into

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Today’s PAD Challenge Prompt at Poetic Asides is “Wish.” I think it went off on its own path, but I am okay with it.

I hope all of you are well and coping with whatever variety of social distancing you are experiencing. Remember to keep creating. Also, remember you are loved.

Follow Creativity


On the unknown road
Toward futures we traverse
There is only love,
Prayer, faith, creativity,
To lend us needed balance.
Those who we love most,
Prayers we to Heaven post,
Faith we are not lost,
Things we can create to
Help us through those times
It seems we are losing the edge
Of our mental acuity and are
Striving hard to be ourselves
In a world loosed from its moorings;
These we must follow, revere,
For else dismay convinces us
Everything leads to nowhere.
There are times betwixt times
We find ourselves adrift, drowning,
But God knows our battles,
And He is our sword and shield,
He is a fortress to win our wars,
He blest us with ability, ingenuity,
Skill, talent, knowledge, and does
Not leave us unprepared,
He stands with us and coaxes
Us with His gift of creativity
To find our confidence and strength
To move beyond our trouble
And live love out loud,
That we may conquer perplexity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I went up to get the mail. The silence, the emptiness, it is over two weeks since I went up there, many changes since then.

This is an answer to the prompt “Follow______________” on Poetic Aside for today’s PAD Challenge. The world is changing. I wonder how ready we are.

Creativity Now

If you are fortunate enough to have some extra time in your schedule now, I want to encourage you to spend a portion of your day engaged in a type of creativity:

You might want to write your observations of this time in a journal or create poetry and stories that are entirely unrelated. If you have ever had the ambition to write a book, perhaps this is your ideal time.

Photographers might enthuse themselves with taking photos of a scene over some interval of days, and look at the changes, or use them in layers combined for an HDR effect.

Artists might find ordinary items in the household and anthropomorphize those objects, even working them into a cartoon or short animated movie.

For those who have culinary desires, now might be the perfect time to delve into grandma’s recipes or that book you never opened and do some food magic.

Those musicians who need some practice could try something they have never gotten around to, or write some new songs that would surely receive a warm welcome the first time they are performed.

Computer programmers and other computer geeks, this is your time to code your own project until your heart is content.

Readers, this is the time to explore everything you choose. Go everywhere, everywhen, everyhow, you wish all within the covers of books or the pages of eBooks.

Of course, any of the above could engage children or pets as subjects in work, also involving children so they better understand what can be done creatively is a valuable learning activity.

I am confident if you look at this time from the perspective of opportunity that you will find inspiration and things to explore creatively. Time is only wasted when we fail to recognize its value. These are a few ideas, I am sure you have more if you allow.

Take care, be well, God Bless You!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Sometime After Midnight

There are times sleep evades me, and I find myself with too much on my mind. Sometimes I find words flow as if a vein were opened to allow rain.


Please hold me up close
Setting me forever free
From the loneliness
Which has homesteaded within
The loving heart inside me.

I walk wild as one
Who feels a need for freedom,
But still welcomes love.

Music it abides
A loving force freed within
My outstretched soul.

Clouds cannot ever
Hide the glow of joy and love
Shining from within.

Well met here again
The stranger who captivated
Portions of my heart.

Heart, soul, now take wing
Follow abundance until
Love makes one captive.

Cherish me richly
Up close, personal, no space
Between who we are
Who desire names our being
The perfection of loving.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


As a prompt: If you find yourself unable to sleep, engage the creativity in your wild imaginative brain and make something of lasting value in the sleeplessness. You may find yourself served up a treat you otherwise might have overlooked.




I know of the world –
Once there was a way through it
I took without care,
But some people stood opposed
To blazing a path of love.

Their arguments were
Convincing enough to remove
My purpose from me,
But only temporarily –
I awoke and recovered.

My voice was not loud,
But passion fed my practice –
I would not give up;
Others joined me on the way
Trying to rescue our planet.

Calling everyone
To love themselves and others
To submit to God
Through Jesus, many people
Needing Christ’s redemptive love.

Poetry gives voice to life
Renewed, freed, revived with love,
Salvation’s testimony.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I wrote this before going to sleep for a little while. The pain I am experiencing seems to be zapping my strength. I do not have Coronavirus, but I am not in the most excellent health. It does not matter, I survive, and during struggle thrive.