A Few Reviews

Surrender by Bono is a not to be missed autobiography, especially if you are a U2 fan. Refreshingly candid and very enlightening about a star and his struggles with faith and fame. I highly recommend it to everyone.

I am not a huge film fan, being more at home in the world of words, but I am impressed with some content I have recently viewed.

Top Gun Maverick became a blockbuster and after watching it, I see why that is so. Lovely film.

The three John Wick movies are awesome if you like a good story with non-stop action. I love fast-paced videos.

We Have A Ghost is a beautiful narrative, well acted, and superbly plotted. Warning: You may need a Kleenex.

You know I have to say something about my favorite band. GRRR by the Rolling Stones is an excellent set of tracks.

I got these up a bit late for streaming this weekend, but maybe next week.

Always & Ever,

Jo Ann

Poetry in simple form

I have written a lot of poetry. I know in some circles it gets no respect, but it does not stop my writing it, and it should not hinder you either.

Okay, I can imagine some of you saying I have not written verse since high school. This is okay. Then some of you are going to say poetry is hard, and I am not smart enough. You should never speak of yourself that way. Poetry only requires creativity and a willingness to try. You must have both because you are reading this.

I generally do not like forms in poetry. Forms are where one is prescribed certain syllable counts, line counts, or rhyme schemes. One of those is hard enough to write under, but some forms require all three, masterminds like Shakespeare can do it, me not so much. I am primarily a free verse poet, but there are a few forms I enjoy.

If you have not heard of the Japanese form Haiku, you are in for a treat. Haiku is an ancient form. Initially, it was developed to celebrate the seasons, nature, or sometimes special occasions. Some still write it that way. I play with haiku when I am stuck or blocked. I have found the act of writing, even haiku, unsticks the gears in the brain so real work can be done.

Americanized Haiku are three lines with a first line syllable count of five, second line syllable count of seven, and the last line syllable count of five. As long as you keep the numbers and use some imagery or proverbial meaning, you will do just fine.

Here are a few examples:

The dog sits alone
Looking out the window while
Rain blurs fallen leaves.

When I see a clown
Outside a birthday party
I tend to shiver.

You cannot produce
An ample creative crop
Without great effort.

Now it is your turn. See how your creative mind can muster up to the challenge. I believe you will enjoy it. If you want to share your work leave some of it in the comments.

Thank you so much for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you had fun and will return. Take care!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Photography: Better than some think

By now you have taken hundreds if not thousands of photos. I bet you have heard or thought that a great camera takes better pictures. If you are an experienced photographer, it can be a bit of a downer, and if you are just starting out, it has you thinking you have to break the bank.

The truth is anyone can take good pictures with a little creativity and some practice. One thing that digital photography allows us is to take a lot of photos. If you watch the professionals that get paid for their work, a shoot may involve thousands of photographs so they can choose the best of the bunch. They usually have spectacular equipment too, but that is a career investment.

Stop taking one shot of a subject, make a bunch. Another thing is to really look at your subject, check the light, angle, distance, and get close. If you are photographing children or animals get on their level. With living things highlight the eyes, that is your focus.

Invest in some editing software, almost no one who you admire displays pictures straight out of the camera. The best is Adobe’s Creative Cloud, but it is pricey and requires a subscription.  Check the web for alternatives.

Join a club or organization that focuses on photography. Watch YouTube videos, especially the ones about your equipment. Books are also good though many overlook them now. Take classes if you feel you need extra help.

You can be a great creative photographer, and you are probably better than you think already.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you come back soon. Take care!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan