2022 Creativity Project – Day 7

I do not know what
I should write, I have words, but
They will not line up
To lend me a voice, to which
Some will pause, gladly listen.

Today, I read John 9, which centers on Jesus healing a man blind from birth. I read the Amplified Version on the Olive Tree Bible Study app, which is an excellent tool for learning. After reading the scripture, I used the BE Commentary to go deeper.

John is all about Jesus being the Son of God, and therefore, God. This chapter is very revealing, and the story, with its situations, is also beautiful.

I have been reading through the Bible again. I started with Psalms, and have read through the Gospels, currently in John. I am not using a plan but reading as I can. Some days it is filled with such grace, precisely suitable for where I am.

I am again at a loss for words, and I do not have a photo either.


When you are confused about creating, write about being stumped. If you are a visual artist, begin by not knowing.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. Alex called.
2. My study took me to exactly what I needed.
3. I did not stay in bed all day.
4. I managed to get this done.
5. Life is, and it goes on.

Found a subject to photograph. I got this from Zip’s Pens on Amazon. It is handmade.

Photo © Jo Ann J.A. Jordan.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative; please follow or come back to the site as you can. Likes and comments are always appreciated. May you find joy in each day and solve any problems you encounter. Be blessed.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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