2022 Creativity Project – Day 8

Dig deep,
Hold the trenches.
You know
The last line.
Your mission
Is to develop
The concept from
The first.
Do your best
Be tenacious,
Keep the smile
Let it grow.
Invest your
Heart to each,
Every part,
Let love show.

I wrote down a few lines in the wee hours. They grew, changed, and became.

Do you ever make a jotting or sketch on a notepad, scrap paper, or in your journal and put it aside? I challenge you to look through these thoughtfully and find something from which you can create.

Photo © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This little bear that was Mom’s fascinates me, and he seems to have such an attitude. Sometimes I look at him and think that he has set to sea for an adventure, but he maybe has the thought, “Should I go back?”

We are often like that when we begin something that overwhelms us. There will be many similar days in 2022. We must remember our dreams and toss the confusion in a heap to the side. Twists and turns will come, but turning back is not an option. The past does not hold its doors open for us.

A song by Styx called, “Come Sail Away,” tells the story of a captain who sets sail on seas unknown and encounters memories reflected in the waves. He is propositioned by angels singing, “Come sail away.” The angels climb aboard their starship and fly away into the skies, to his surprise. You may ascertain Styx is one of my favorite groups.

I mention this song because we often set a course and are diverted by what we see as “angels,” which will not bring us to what we intend to create if we allow them space or follow them. Surprises are pleasant, but be judicious. You are the captain of your life.

Today, I read John 10. The main heading was The Good Shepherd; Jesus is our Shepherd and the Door for us. Studying the BE Commentary, I learned something. Did you know that the pens or folds that held the sheep were built of stone? The folds had no doors or gates. Did you know that the good shepherd lay in the gap at night to ward the sheep? If anything happened to the flock, He was right there. Such a beautiful picture of Jesus.

I encourage you to study the Word of God and find the many treasures it offers.

Gratitude List

I am thankful:
1. Somehow, I came up with a few things to share.
2. I called AT&T because my Broadband 1 light had been flashing red for about a week. They were sending someone to do whatever was required for repairs tomorrow, but later they fixed the line somehow and are not coming. WIN, WIN, WIN!
3. The heat works, since we have Winter, at the moment.

Thank you for your time; I hope you have found something to encourage or inspire you while visiting Haphazard Creative. Please follow the site or come back often; I intend to continue this 365 for all of 2022. Likes are always smile-makers and much appreciated. Be well, be blessed, share your love with all you meet – it is needed.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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