2022 Creativity Project – Day 16


I thought of going
To church today, but somehow
Time did run away
I was by myself, weathered
In, and ice ridden, forbade.
My dark chariot
Sat like some sullen creature
Dreaming of the charge
But not to travel at large
Lamented duty undone.
The sun his rising
Weak like a candle exposed
To withering draft
Only graying white woolen
Peaked skies became on high.
The crystals shining
Where they lay combining ice
With the passing snow
Winter showering itself
On those who thought not to know.

Chariot Before The Fall © Jo Ann J.A. Jordan

Prompt: Spin a work from pure imagination, create a mood and draw others deep into it. Personify an object should you wish, to add emotion.

I am thankful:
1. The power is on.
2. Work was postponed.
3. I slept like a bunny nestled in.
4. The heat, it works.
5. I have food for the moment.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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