Plying Forms

The broken bottle
Lying in an amber spill,
The stools toppled like
Memories of a cherished past;
Who were we, thinking love lasts?

The music was such,
Bright magic in which we could play,
Until we forgot
We were only mortal too,
Disassociating us.

I said, “I love you,”
Because I have, always will.
You answered, “I know,”
And that is the reason, dear,
We were never together.

In the eaves lie leaves
Scattered, plastered like these dreams
Only echoing;
Waste to be driven away
Discarded on barren ground.

Sometimes I write us like a new thing as if we shine diamond bright. In reality, we were the stolen pleasure of a season, a forever consisting of only a few love drunk nights. The dust, rust, tarnish gather as the moments further recede into the emptiness of history.

I have hidden all
There remains of my power
But more battles come;
I will not whimper, beaten,
I shall don my armor, sword.

Walking toward what
Defines this deviant hour,
Ready to exclaim,
“The past fades into distance,
Our present embraces a change.”

Your touch sends ripples,
Sensation through my body,
After so long, much.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Elective Activities…

Seeing with new eyes
All the times we almost had
Ahold of the precious prize,
But our gaze was called astray
Fingers slipped over broken edges
And sudden walls blocked our way.
The question justly arises,
Can we grasp new horizons
Getting our self-satisfaction
With blatant mediocrity
Over to the side, out of our lane?
Trouble speeds like a missile
Targeted to do incalculable damage
Causing fatal amounts of pain,
But our vision is alive again.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Writing seems the entree today. Not accomplishing much else, and I can live with that circumstance. This poem has a political edge to it, but it is also about the simple actions of continual living.

I hope you will take some time to create something today. Most often, it is the way I keep myself from spontaneously combusting. As a prompt, you might think of the state of the world currently and create something which provides your take on it, either from a personal perspective or more wide-ranging.


Hearts across forever
Dreaming of the times being
Together were ours;
How we never considered
Separation would break us.
Distant now apart,
There is no recapturing –
What we held, again,
We wonder how the moments
Could pass so quickly away.
How could we gain one
Another, then have it all
Stolen from our days?
Death a cruel stranger passing
Silently into dreams, we made.
Against this horrid taking
The cries arise at night
And with the day bright light,
No relief, no rest, no forgetfulness;
Only emptiness, dreadful space
Where our lives joined in
A multitude of beautiful ways.
Living now so shallow, constant shadow,
Where joy once kept the pain at bay.
Nevermore, nevermore, whatever
Hope remains, there must be readiness
To accept love’s willingness to invade
Reanimating the heart, dismissing the shade.
A moment, an hour, a day, time ever
Continues and life we must living partake
Love surrounds us for God never forsakes;
We, one another have, to inspire our
Ongoing from this present to futures
Our constant choices describe, make.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan