2022 Creativity Project – Day 23

Dragon Pen – Image – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I repaired that pen today, and I am delighted. I have not used it in months because the tiger eye portion with the claw would fall off. It is one of my favorites, so yeah, excellent.

No Amnesty
Old wars never die
They revolve their rebellions
Around life, many ways, each day
We think we have fought them free,
But they tangle our laces,
Our learning, being, all we
Trust and whatever runs off
Like water rushing conducting dams.
Old wars remember – lest we forget,
Who fired what, took where, when,
Destroyed which, wanted how;
Winners and Losers
Definitions in futility, insanity,
Because only war gains – humans lost.
Some glorify war
To draw innocents in with zeal,
But killing is never beautiful,
Death is not a swell romance,
The ending is only always cruel.

For a moment you
Took space, thought, within my mind,
I wished once again
There could be a place we were;
But you chose no long ago.

Life, poetry, prose,
All the writing which we know
Is better when we
Use proper punctuation
With distinct elocution.

Living Love’s Property
The parameters
Of the heart
Ages set apart,
Where dreams start
To confirm
Passions burn,
For those with
Whom we yearn
To entertain
In persuasive part
Set far beyond
Normal time
In such space
Where the heart
Rules without warrant,
But rhythm, rhyme.

We have the love
Given from above
To make beautiful,
In a fortunate way,
Our tender hopes,
Dreams willed to stay
Forever with
Each other
On display.

Read an article or story and catch some meaningful phrase that delights your imagination. Create from there.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. Sometimes, things come together, even without a plan.
2. Broken hearts can speak volumes.
3. Household items have myriad uses.
4. My dogs.
5. Proliferating creativity.

I am so glad you visited Haphazard Creative today. I hope you found things that convince you to push the like button and that you will come back often and follow the site. Please share the site if you know others who may gain from my content.

May many blessings be with you and yours. Take care and be well.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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