2022 Creatvity Project – Day 25

Are You A POET?

Do you try in words
To capture the quality
Of light slanting down
On the Many Flavored Dog
Lying on carpet scratched bald?

Or perhaps the pink’s
Shade of the kitten’s tongue which
Grooms the mother with
A constancy your children
Could well affect cleaning rooms?

Do you study lines
Writ by whomever masters
At the moment you
Choose to admire slavishly
Trying to perfect your verse?

Does music matter
Much because of the lyrics
You often harvest
To examine in the sounding
Mind that measures every time?

Are you a poet,
Destined a part to always
Guage creatively
Finding the heartbeat flutter
Each minute frisson avers?

Explore your relationship, or the relationship of others, to creative work, in a piece of artistry.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1) I got some extra sleep
2) Alex called last night
3) The computer has not frozen during this session
4) Inspiration
5) Feeling content

Embracing Gray in a Warm Sweater – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My reasons for doing this 365 are:
1) To hone my skills
2) To engage creativity daily
3) To become more fluent
4) To build a body of work
5)***** To engage a readership that continually grows and becomes involved.

I am so happy you chose to read Haphazard Creative today. I hope you found something to inflame your imagination and encourage you. Please click the like button, follow the site, or come back often if you prefer. I will be doing this through all of 2022, and I shall try to reach into new areas every day. I encourage you to take on a challenge similar to this because it will help you engage the writer or artist within on a deeper level with more complete knowledge of the creativity you embody.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2 thoughts on “2022 Creatvity Project – Day 25

  1. Unfortunately my only relationship with the creativity of others is to look at it and tell myself I’ll never match up. It doesn’t lessen my enjoyment of the works of others though.

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