2022 Creativity Project – Day 27

Adding Elegance

It takes a file filled
With all the clippings taken
From the words we kept
To organize the meanings
Settling each charge from debt.

Slides lives from mediocre
To positions  of
Immaculate deference,
Respect meted out with cheer.

You are only you
But also superior
Than the offering
Made any previous day
Before you became this way.

Love, you believe it
A gift only made a blessing,
But each day in life
Provided chance perfections
Given to create right choice.

The hand held in yours
Is not a random occurrence
Preparation brought
From there to here this moment
Two were two, alone apart.

It Was

How the hurting coiled
Around the trigger finger,
The rifle nearby,
Block filled with sharpened knives,
Bottles fresh bought, many pills,
A vehicle with speed against to slam,
Phone, with numbers collected
Strength still to override
Make the call, a friend, to rouse
The will to hang on longer yet.
So the news is spared today,
Maybe much longer, a run of time,
Marching to a natural conclusion,
Never doubt the worth of soothing.

If you have ever felt down in your socks or up in the rafters, create something that brings it to life for your audience.

Love, Peace, Love – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Gratitude List:
I am thankful –

1) Alex and I talked animatedly. 
2) Sleep. 
3) Watching Peaky Blinders on my phone. 
4) Wireless headphones. 
5) Lovey puppy dogs.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative while you are here; hit the like button, follow the site, and make plans to return often. Comments, suggestions, and ideas are encouraged. Lots of love and blessings sent your way. Be careful and kind.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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