2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 15

Climate Change

The mountain still stands
Though we walk all around it
Sometimes climb over,
The trees wag their heads at us
Whispering, “We will be here –
Only rocks will last
Until future forgets past;
Your bones richen the grass.
We will rustle your verses,
The sun touching the sea will
Sing with a magnificence new –
Oceans will come and go
But the likes of your being
Will again, never, be known.”

Bird Hotel – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Whom To Blame

If all the devices
Stopped working would we rush
Out the carpet
Of our conviviality and be
With ourselves together,
Or is it too late?
Could we thrive without
Those trappings of our consolation
That we believe in
With very little consternation –
Stores with closed doors
Vehicles dead on highways
In a feverish frying heat,
Planes, ah, what planes,
Would we know what to do –
Could we survive
When we are forced
To love one another
More than a phantom image
Appearing on a screen?
Whom do we blame for neglecting
What is no longer as dear to us?
We swallowed the pacts whole
Giving up creative control
Losing parts of  our bold
Personalities which heretofore
Were essential to our lives.
Could we find conversation
Without  reservation,
One hopes so
It could mean the survival
Of our civilization.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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