2022 Creativity Project – March 2

Unreal Numbers

The path backward,
Forward, only dreams
Amid the hours
In between.
The mind puddles
Its questions
Mumbles to tracks
Laid down when
The way went back.
Voices do they remain
Chariots swinging low?
Will the thin dog
Wrestle in the snow?

Are You, I,
Fact, or fiction,
Written in a rhyme?
I thought I knew
An answer once
In a blanket
With love,
But it had
To go
Where the sun
Made houses
As effervescence
And trouble
Wound its arms
Stealing the known
For the seems.

Never fear
Walk in sync;
The ones who
Reckon it all,
Never coming
Again. Back. Amen.
Shining holy halleluiah.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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