2022 Creativity Project – March 17

Prompt: If you are without, get Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg for inspiration.


I slept my birthday
Night in the golden canvas
Raft sunflowered in my room
Where the carpet made deep sea,
Daylight came teasing me up.

Nights to weekend, treat,
I lounged in the comfort
Of the Summer smelling
Island centered in from bunks
Feeling pillowed aboard
Rope dangling dreaming water.

When I pushed the small boat
Into the lake, my tan legs pimpled
Like plucked chicken skin
I dove toward the center
But bathed in the crisp cold
Shivering after the floated away.

Lessons sometimes tear
The gentle expected flinching
Off life teaches young, memory
Buys nothing but bills unpaid
True oneself bites, slips, cast-off
Keep confidence to grab on
Not even this, forever, but long.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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