Speak Truth to Power

I have heard it said, “Speak truth to power.” My interpretation of that is that we are not to be intimidated by those who may have more education, money, status, class, political power, or any other difference that may set someone in a perceived position of superiority. I take it to mean we should let our opinion, which I am aware everyone has their own, be known respectfully in the public sphere.

There is something that has been tearing at my soul for some time, and though I steer away from controversy when I can, I feel it is time I speak my heart. I mean no offense to any, these are my thoughts on the issue.

Immigrants are and have always been the lifeblood of America. Most of us cannot claim our roots are indigenous. As birth rates continue to diminish among our population, it is needful that more citizens are admitted to our country. It is crucial to our prosperity. Many who come from diverse nations worldwide bring with them skills, cuisine, culture, and other benefits that make America a greater society.

Most immigrants are grateful for the opportunities offered here and work industriously to contribute to the melting pot that America is and always has been. Their achievements are legend.

The Bible encourages people to welcome strangers and treat them with love. This acknowledges that we were also once strangers, even far off from the Lord.

Some people come here because the conditions in their former places of residence have become intolerable and unbearable. Some seek asylum from barbarities that we can hardly imagine. Our America was to be a light welcoming the world. How have our hearts grown like stones, so cold our humanity freezes?

The difficulty of the path to citizenship in America and the lengthy time it entails is highly prohibitive to those who wish to do well and be assets to our communities. Many times a wait of several years keeps people from fully enjoying the advantages of being Americans longer than is reasonable. Most of we, who were born here, could not pass the test required of those who wish to gain entrance to full standing in our population.

My feeling is that policy should change, with a faster path to naturalization. I also believe if people have no criminal background that we should immediately welcome them. We are all people and we should accept one another with love.

As always comments and discussion are welcome. Thank you for reading.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2 thoughts on “Speak Truth to Power

    1. There are white males born on American soil who are very concerned about the climate here. Some, like my son, feel things have also become troublesome for such as themselves. They think it is a disgrace how things have turned. Alex and I talked about the immigrant issue early this morning, and he agrees with me. We make it too hard for others to assimilate. Alex was a Marine and dearly loves our country, but he is well aware there are cracks in the fabric.

      The immigrants come for an opportunity, seeking safety, but many of us have come to see we neither have the chances we wish, nor the security we should be afforded. This is unfortunate. America is often alienating those who need her protection and profit most. The only way this will change is for good people who are being marginalized to find their voices and come to the front. That is why I wrote what I did. It violated my policy of neutrality, but I cannot sit quietly in the face of great evil.

      I appreciate your comment, it made me distill even more of my thought. I always welcome dialogue, if we cannot be honed by contact with the intellect of others our thoughts will never become clear.


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