This hour will not last
The past hurtles forward to
Swallow all the light
Shining lovingly from eyes
Lately discovered, adored.
Still, the music thrills
Into nearly forgetting
These moments passing
Dreamily caressing  hope
Convinced time will always wait.
Patience – mythology –
Oblivion draws cuddling close –
Whispers into ears
Prepared to believe minute
Dishonesty if love paints
Itself in bright hues
Beguiling and beautiful
Enough to dispel
Doubt all wants are made to need
Flesh becomes a solution
For uncovered greed
Never expressed, politeness
All fall for such long
Beginnings, story inspired,
With no ending together.
Lives bound shiver, shine,
Entwined with bonds otherwise
Escaped to show one
Burning full ready alone
To search out a safe real home.
All hours hurry fast,
Love lasting, the only thing
Humans past, present,
Tomorrow, evermore woo,
Reality creates romance,
Forever and forever.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This was typed in on the tablet as I sat in bed, so the spacing is off. The lines should not have space between them. I wrote it in my journal first, but it underwent significant revisions...

I may correct the spacing or no. When done with things, I usually let them stand. There is a strong temptation to do like Leonardo and never stop adding, subtracting until all remains incomplete. (I corrected the spacing)

Be You

The bravest of hearts
May lose its way along paths
Insecure, doubtful;
Love’s gifts may lift the troubled
High enough to trust, believe.

Live yourself each day,
If you somehow lost your way
During yesterday
Make today your tour de force,
Continue in taking charge.
Living this one life
Generously given you
To make an impact,
Explore your paths of purpose
Spread love, care, creatively.
Standing in limelight
May never become your fate,
But a difference can
Be made in many moments
Choosing kindness to spare, share.
You are a precious
Child of the Creator held
Eternally in blessing,
Never forget no matter
What occurs, you are valued.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Music roars, lion,
Distant thunder over sand
Dreams still understand;
Giving hearts, delicate song,
Join in, raising forces long.
Love, a hypnotic
Drumline, spirits syncopate
Finding reason to
Raise green velvet curtains,
Welcoming one another.
Breath enough to be
In between the magic thrill
Never going still,
But a dangerous feeling
Mainlining each small glory.
Shaky dance steps learned,
Holding being, hands, hearts, souls,
Love wins, enfolds tight,
Brightens the mind, midnights, lights
Alleviates much grievous pain.
Music begins trust
Under loving circumstances,
Reaching out again.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


The lights turned on bright
Hardly dispel the darkness,
The walls are not pale
But dark like Winter’s dusk
With shades, shadows, arriving.
Still, there are windows,
Onto the outside, shining,
With friendly glow, warmth,
But at times, this fails to rouse
Adequate joy to sustain.
Chosen to wander
Where needs must finally go
To arrange brief lives
With satisfaction enough –
Will exists to continue.
Every life matters –
Purpose burns absolutely,
Never giving in,
Coming fully alive, now,
Each life to liberate, save.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


It is not like me
To dwell here inside my flesh;
My mind is often
An aptly chosen abode,
Words my finest furniture.
You, however, call
Me into reality,
My visions react
To your being with growing
Hopes, you may one day love me.
Time beating unkind
Reverts to seeming stillness
When you hold me near;
Better dreams, futures appear,
We, together, display promise.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

What you see is quite different from what came out in my journal (in Kindness Pink ink), but I think it serves well. Again, I used the syllable counts for tanka and strung three together.

I keep thinking I will find some other forms, but I have almost always been a Free Verse poet. It is hard to break the habits of a lifetime.

What forms do you like? Can you illustrate one?

If you are another type of writer or artist, what patterns do you see in your work? Can you break with those, change things up?

I went to the library yesterday. Oh, what a treasure trove I amassed. I appeased my dragon self with a horde of books. No zombies though, no, done with those for now, maybe ever.