Hope Despite Plague

Busy, stay busy,
Converse with loves far away,
Read something, then more,
Celebrate this fragile life,
Do things to make the dogs happy.
Sing like you know how
No one is listening, just music be,
Do not cry that your job is gone
Hopefully only temporarily,
Recall so many better times.
Remember God is in Control
His love is eternal, never fades,
No tragedy can prevent Him
From being Lord of Lords and
King of Kings, these wrongs we suffer
This casting us into night, Christ
Knows and He will in time
Set it all right, He is our Hope
Our Defender and I will turn
To Jesus and I shall stand
For no virus, calamity, power of man
Can ever remove my soul
From the Master’s hand.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Today’s prompt on Poetic Asides is “Hope.” I am a bit preoccupied with circumstances at the moment, but I have Hope.



What I want to say
Does a speedy estimate
Of words I contain
Before deciding it is
Safe to brave so much fresh air.

There is a beauty
In the newly bestowed clear
Space – nothing hurries;
The birds are better at home,
Exhaust is missing rush hour.

I walk breathing deep
Though pollution is absent
Pollen soldiers on
Running my nose, forcing these
Sneezes and coughs troubling me.

A calm filters down
A peace often dearly missed,
Acceptance descends –
A careful celebration,
Renewed clarity, fresh air.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The prompt today for Prompted Positive Poetry’s Facebook Group was “fresh air.”


We are not
What is seen in looking,
We are
Breaking upon shores
Of non-attendance,
Overflowing with
Abundances of LOVE,
Overcoming hesitance
That stifles generosity,
Conquering those tendencies
To cloister ourselves
Looking away,
Welcoming only companions;
Our storm-wake recognizes
The outright necessity
Of every life,
Honored, treasured, valued
As even we, ourselves.
The world is not
A vague projected concept –
It is us,
Every person counted,
Matter and meaning,
Not something which
Must be sought and earned
With transitory achievement
But a given right of survival.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Safe Harbor

2020_03_16 Romans 8-28

This is my favorite Bible verse. I have it memorized, and memorization is extremely difficult for me. I wanted to make it attractive to share at this time. It seems to me there is a lot of panic in the world. God is in control.

Little side-note: My mostly hobby job as Copy Editor is going on sporadically today. After I created the above artwork, I shared it with the Editor. She loved it and called it an ad. Needless to say, I was euphoric. I told her it could go in the magazine, we have four now, plus a digital, and she said they would use it in the future.

Safe Harbor

Look to the Lord God –
He is the help of nations,
The ballast for all
Voyages we undertake,
His protection surrounds us.

Do no violence
In your rash preparations;
You are fully loved,
Trust, the extravagance of
Heaven’s abundance accrues.

These times, things shall past
The Glory of God remains, now
And eternally,
He will not forsake His own
Seek His mercy, peace, and LOVE.

Gentle your heart, for
Life continues in the midst
Of trouble, LOVE rises,
Storms come and go, but we know
LOVE is our habitation.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan