Captive Surprise

Music plays me
With fluctuating
Leaving me
To feel
Who I am,
So real,
But not
Without you.
I doubt I am
Strong enough
To make it
All I need
To accomplish,
But I shall try
Because my
Heart beats
Your rhythm
I gave up
Knowing who,
What I am –
Only you
Define me.
As I am
Your love
Carries away
Those things
Not building
A better me.
Somehow all
The time
It is more of
I find.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


We are coiled fibers
On separate continents
Our wiring entwines
Balances our humanity
Furnishing hope, joy, and love.

Our hearts beat, rhythm,
Alike, in Crayola bodies,
Grace swearing us in,
Hands touching hands, render smiles,
Cherishing we ragamuffins.

Presents beribboned
Sharing melodies inspired
Forgetting in place
Differences – become friends,
Each countenance shining light.

Opening ebon doors
To unleash brilliance, delight;
Understanding change
Growing fruitful, courageous,
Saluting equally all.

With passion aflame
Given examples guiding love;
God who embraces
Each aspect, person, creation
Abides, the Spirit of Grace.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

It Is Better…

I will put a little different spin on this, but the quote is: “It is better to burn out than to fade away.”

My thoughts run like this, if we belong to Jesus, we are candles burning that point toward the Savior. Often we suffer depression, grief, mental anguish, physical pain, existential loss, all the things that occur when living in the world.

Even though we are God’s children, we live here like everyone. Christ in His wisdom put us here to exemplify the depths of His love. He has not abandoned us. Within us burns God’s love; the Holy Spirit lives in us.

We may come to places too terrible to bear, pain that overwhelms us, desertion by those we love. Even so, we can abide in the hope given in Christ Jesus that we have an eternity that will outshine any difficult circumstance we encounter here. Life on Earth is only a beginning, and the promise of Heaven will exceed all our hopes and dreams.

Those who do not have the hope of eternity with Jesus will fade away. As with all that death touches, these will turn to dust.

But, the living, hope, there is an opportunity to assure eternal destinations. It is not God’s desire that any should perish. Jesus came that all might have life and it more abundantly. He took our sins to the cross and died in our stead. Jesus arose in victory. If we believe in Christ and ask Him to take charge of us, He will, and we will not see the second death but will spend forever with the Lord and His saints.

It is only a small thing that we endure, for we often receive miracles. Oh, what wonder to know Jesus. Burn bright, be a light.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Gifts Given

Day bleeds into night,
Dismissing darkness, nightmares,
Nothing unknown seems;
We stand formidable still
Courageous love, we instill.

We are all precious
Treasured in adversity,
Shining fixtures placed
With love fully embraced as
We are in reality.

Different – skyborne
Galaxies – with miracles
To share giving hope,
All is, ever shall be well,
We create much of our fate.

Holding each other
With full capacity of
Kindness, love, respect,
Reveals the heart of wisdom
Fulfilling hopes, making dreams.

Who we are always
Inspires cause to celebrate;
We – answered prayers –
Raised in ancestral days,
Pitching tents in paradise.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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Everything here, on Haphazard Creative and Chronicles, is
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan.

Mostly Tanka, Danka

No two are alike,
Everyone uniquely made
Chosen with purpose,
Reasoned for this very time;
God can create no mistakes.


Trouble has been here,
Afoot – and patience wears out,
I remain about;
Sometimes seems miraculous
Forbearance, continuance.


Think as wilt; you will,
And only right so to do;
No explanation
Tendered purchases acceptance;
Bathing in ashes costs a lot.


Cold the numbers count
Further down, touching private
Spaces oft unknown,
Generously sharing crumbs
Of living warmth all alone.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan