2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 3

Signage – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The DungeonMaster Died

I know he was not yours
But this has universality,
Please, lend your time to me:
Listen close; you can almost hear
As the dragons roar, far and near,
Before leaving their lairs to fly
A beautiful formation across the sky
Allowing tears from every creature’s eye.
Boroughs, cities, hamlets, towns
Everywhere take their banners down
So pageantry of colors fair add no cheer
In the world where his thought and vision
Through creativity brought life and activity.
I spent many hours there, I tell you truly,
No one else like him I ever knew;
In the evenings, he built a sanctuary
From the disillusionment of ordinary days
For a party of strangers who became great friends
Those times I wish could be here again;
A world and heroes will quietly disappear into yore
All our spells, weapons, and treasure
Will now go unclaimed forever.
The DungeonMaster died,
But to each player who lived
Those faithful magic moments
The awareness of this loss’ cost
Will never to memory be lost.

Now that I have typed this up, I wonder…

Few things lately have so strongly resonated with me; I will let it stand despite doubt.

Create a work about something highly emotionally charged. If you feel inclined, share it. I did.

Gratitude List
1. Recent reading.
2. Working through my fear, I recorded a song.
3. Rain.
4. The Rolling Stones
5. Poetry can sometimes tell a story more clearly than prose.

I hope you found something that ignited your imagination on Haphazard Creative today. Please click the like button, follow the site, and return often. You are one of the reasons I do this, and I treasure you. If you think your friends and family might like what is here, please share the site with them. God bless you always. Be careful out there.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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