2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 2

Flowering Quince Buds © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I am held within
This cell of my construction
My heart soaring for
So much more surrounds my space
Only partially contained.
I go unheard, words,
Still, I continue saying
Because love compels
My heart, life, soul all belong
To Jesus, my sovereign song.

Under Sol
Under this small star
Today there is so much to know,
Sentences display
As each aspires to make way
Into tomorrow’s pure dream.
The moments precious
Filling up with everything,
Better done with care
All choices, discerning, fair –
Guided by justice, kindness, love.
Abolishing hate – Love leads
So a country best flourishes; grows,
Though seasons of difficulty come
Times of trouble, riddled with doubt;
Righted in God’s Love, turned about.
A tiny globe in space
A home, miraculous place
Set in the backdrop
Of immeasurable deep time,
Lives so fleeting, passing by.
Being, growing, knowing,
Every second a sweet gift
To all the hours employ
In living within freedoms
Established by Love from the Beginning.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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