2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 5


Legacy is the meditation of passing years when one considers the actions, relationships, results, the minutiae of ordinary and extraordinary days.

Lives are broom strokes clearing the dust. Buildings collapse, people come and go, knowledge passes from memory, sometimes everything seems slow, but dreams grow tenuous.

Incubating the children of creativity and imagination is the purpose life has given those artistically or literarily inclined. Masters create works of marvel to which dancing eyes are drawn and slow escape. Spinning stories, poems, treasured, repeated through ages is a gift of sages wearing authorial labels. The images – experiences of the present inform futures of which creators have only vague guesses.

The progeny we spawn, teach, love only retain the vaguest conception of us. Our accomplishments, victories, and dreams grow evermore meager in eyes who new wonders perceive. We are best set by making our works shiny and bold, letting majesty from each unfold if we seek to be more than moldering ruins in the grave.

Love shared with our principles and broader circles as we are able, expansive generosity, moments spent in joy together, and times we forget ourselves as present and seen. These are the honorable legacy that matters for every human being.

Think about how you remember those you have lost in your life. Think of younger people you know. Perhaps create a work to memorialize someone or work about how you think you and your contemporaries will be remembered.

Tall Weed and Surrounds – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1) I have been able to vegetate and recover over a few days.
2) Feeding the well.
3) Water.
4) Art supplies.
5) Inspirational books.

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