2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 6

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Direct Lines

The chosen lines give
Indication and inclination
Future to reveal
Where lessons taught yesterday
Make the present stand to say
Whatever there may conceal
Though better given would be
In those rivers long run
Faithful to the abounding sea
Where eventual nets remain always
Forever thirsting inked free
All this too high and lofty
To discern in mediocrity
But maybe ascertained by hearts
Raging with just pure love
Dependent upon the Lord above
Who is to every seeking soul
Completely available in petition
Within His grace to be extolled
Setting captives sudden independent
Of stifling claims, doubt, which no longer
Serve to hinder purpose, instead
Building minds in creative thought,
Bodies becoming sound with lithe strength,
Calling treasures truth to speak.

If you sit with no concrete decision and allow your mind to wander, you may be surprised by what arises. If the well of who you are – thus inspires you, create.

Thankful List
I am grateful:
1. My mind.
2. My heart.
3. My love for others.
4. My dogs.
5. Being on my own.

I meant to write something about the photo; because my being short, I had extreme difficulty changing the bulb and returning the fixture, but I find I have no lines. I like the image, despite, so it is here.

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All material here, on Haphazard Creative, is © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan.

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