2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 8

Five Card Draw – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Five Card Draw

I have no language
For these desperate words, needs,
Buds begin showing.
Will you ever notice me,
Listen to the ebb and flow,
Know the dreams I am?
I wait, quiet, a vision
Wishing, hoping, still
Wondering I become this
Blushing shadow breathing; left.
I say to myself,
“I will eat salad, for health,”
Better intentions,
I buy it with open joy.
The refrigerator keeps
The package secret
In its shelved bowels, cool
As rock stars at night –
I would be and consume it,
But alas, it went to rot.
I have always grown
Among the wild outcast weeds
The thistles and briars –
Thistle made a color in,
Was it the sixty-four box?
It might be some pink,
If memory serves – welcome;
Years propagate like
Dandelions invading,
Fescue forgets how to fight.
No one goes there, but
Sometimes, whispers make the eaves
Echo like thunder.
The tree I planted
Grew strong, tall, as intended –
Visited no more.
Once before I fell
Into love, but escorted
Out, I made away,
Too long dismissed, boredom chilled
The fragile blossom expired.
Hurt is tread-down grass,
Words that fray confidence.

Create using note cards, scrap paper, note pads, anything that gives a different size and shape to your usual material. This sometimes unlocks ideas and imagination in ways seldom experienced.

Gratitude List
I am thankful…
1. Simple things can inspire me
2. I do not give up easily
3. Jesus is my Rock and Salvation; He is present in all my days.
4. Being able to work on my phone
5. Sodas

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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