2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 9

When you see, do you? When you know, do you? When you listen, do you hear? Explore and create.

In Georgia – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The Page Zone
Life begins, certified,
Name, weight, length,
Prints; fingers, hands,
Toes, feet – absence, presence,
Entrance – cries, Time, beginning,
Gathering days, years, reams
Expended in documentation,
Education, personal formation.

Creation – becomes a diversion,
Words like biscuit crumbs
Left by writers unlocking
Doors unknown until
Taken there, discovering life
Or some facsimile, opening
The verbal tendency which
Sudden makes prints as
Individual as taken at birth –
The voice a whisper escalating
Toward a scream with every
Stroke quoting self on what
Life shows: dreams, hope, visions,
Explanations of being, Love, meaning.

Cellphones, with inborn editing, allow me to change reality in lines at file.

Google gives those who partake, all-knowing. I often refuse to invoke the monster.

Sound is it, echoes, or just white-noise? I listen to the story while experiencing another story.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. Sleep is not forever, but near enough.
2. Heroes.
3. Sometimes finding the vein.
4. Collecting.
5. What is worse, morphing to the acceptable.

Should you wish, please give Haphazard Creative a like, follow it, visit often, and share with others. Any comments, ideas, suggestions are welcome. Bless you, as life comes full tilt.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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