2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 11

Frogs Round Pond – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


When the tide is out
The sun gone beyond the edge
Color fades from Winter friezes
Dogs are all off their leashes
No one listens to one who teaches
Each paper sings variants of the blues
Songsters lament the financial news
Restaurants run short of every condiment
Virologists debate safety confusing us
Inflation has another round at the gates
Climatologists think dates are running very late
This phone, that phone, add status + pizzazz
Libraries make a late-inning pro-comeback
Periodicals become counterparts to dinosaurs
Pen + paper enjoy a modicum of popularity;
Who, one wonders, are people in these disparities?

Some desire new overtures of romance, kiss
Other days blanket forts seem adequate, bliss
Dressing up to the nines feels great sometimes
But who can spare an effort the costumes to find?
Those who will – make ostentatious video
Hoping to gain sponsors to the show
Yet, simple as hours continue to flow
Today follows yesterday, predates tomorrow
And if people allow it, LOVE prevails as it goes.

It is a Friday sort of day, and I am running on fumes. Ask yourself a question, as specific or ambiguous as you dare, and create something from there.

I am thankful:
1) I am mobile
2) I write my schedule most days
3) Burning out seems more likely than fading away
4) Love Wins
5) Neal Stephenson writes incredible tales.

Since you visited Haphazard Creative, I would appreciate your like; follows, repeat visits, and recommendations are also great. If you have anything beyond that, there is a comment section.
Roll with the punches and remember at the end, LOVE is all there is.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This post was brought to you by: “I refuse to give in or give up. I will not quit because this is a 365.”

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