2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 10


What or who is your spark? When you call upon deep motivation, how does it manifest? Create something that symbolizes your vitality.

Painted by Me – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


The love-ly life-time
Is the moment creation
Sparks into places
Unimagined, leads higher
Than, there exists right to dream.

Testing the wind-blown breeze
Tasting Love in the air, free
Believing despite
A treacherous heart, doubt-filled,
A detective sorting clues.

Singing a new song
Unpublished, never performed,
Still clearing the silence
Measuring the notes, fitting words
Hallowing the Savior, Love.

Poetry pours out
Like floodwaters from downspouts,
A spider seeks sun,
A courtship began anew
Becomes brighter, lighter hue.

Taken by hand, head,
Heart – given what passes for
Music on clear page –
To devotion forever
The Lord Jesus Christ – soul saved.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. I slept well.
2. The injuries from my fall seem minimal.
3. The books I am reading.
4. Having an unusual mind.
5. This life with which I have been so manifoldly blest.

I hope you found something to spark your interest at Haphazard Creative today; I would be grateful if you clicked like, followed the site, returned often, and shared this with others who might find it to their taste. Comments, ideas, suggestions, and work derived from the prompts I share are always welcome.

Hoping you have a splendid weekend and that you have gotten or made something delectable for your sweetheart. Time is, you know, running a bit short, and the stores will be putting out Halloween merchandise any day now.

All material on Haphazard Creative is © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan.

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