2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 22

Always Faithful

Loyalty, at times
Can best be found residing
In the noble heart
Of a friend on furry feet
Who cannot secrets repeat.
The eyes a glory
Focused with love, devotion,
Finding such pleasure
In helping sorrow abate
With gentleness, sweet kisses.
Tender is the heart
Joined in comfort, friendship,
Who will stay until
The last, when tears fill our eyes
And we are broken in loss.

Consider the ones who always cheer for you, those you can trust; create something.

I am grateful for a warmer day though there was rain at the edges. I was glad for the Oreos and Almond Milk. I am happy that it seems I may be losing a bit of the weight I have gained. Clean bed linens are a piece of Heavenly delight. I am thankful for my home.

Thank you for visiting; please click the like button, follow, and share the site. I hope you will find your way back often. If you have thoughts, comments, suggestions, I would appreciate your sharing them with me.

Have a stellar remainder of the week. May blessings always find you, and inspiration wing you to places of joy.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan.

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