2022 Creativity Project – Day 106

Breaking Forth

While the seed lies in
The depths of the earth so much
Transpires; it becomes
What breaks out with greater force
Pushing toward warmth and light.
A miracle made
From weakness, still hidden strength,
All births similar
So easily ended, but
Life wins; love begins, process.
Laid in a cold tomb
The Creator of forever
Worked in darkness, seeing
Every need, His freedom was
Never in question, rising
In life’s newness, He
Set the captives free, you, me,
Partakers of eternity
The miracle of miracles
Jesus set love forevermore
To all who let need become belief.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I spoke to a friend who was long past today. I was in need of someone and out of nowhere.

God is good. He answers prayer and hears the cries, collects the tears.

Love to each of you. Peace cover you.

Likes, comments, shares, follows are appreciated. Thank you for visiting. Bless you.

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