2022.05.09. Monday. Day 129. Project Creativity

03:08 PM

Not Luck

I was sitting in
A swamp turned out and over,
Lightning crashed, hard down,
I was almost forever drown
Tears were overcoming me;
Then a cry arose
Clarion against my foes,
Sounding like a rose
Banner wrapping me within
Telling me begin again.
Never forsaken –
Come now, new heart, awaken
To a ground safe, firm,
Rock, I may stand complete on
The Beloved beckons, come.
Treasure hidden bright
Revealed in Love’s sterling Light
Abandon the night
Day brilliant invites delight
Heed the sweetest voice calling –
Abounding, amazing grace,
Sudden about-face
Into arms held wholly wide,
All fear spirited aside.
Severe hurt confide
Those things hidden inside
Pain, deep oxidized,
No more jeopardy – set free,
Found, restored, life’s sanctity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Can you rhyme or illustrate similarly? Create!

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 106

Breaking Forth

While the seed lies in
The depths of the earth so much
Transpires; it becomes
What breaks out with greater force
Pushing toward warmth and light.
A miracle made
From weakness, still hidden strength,
All births similar
So easily ended, but
Life wins; love begins, process.
Laid in a cold tomb
The Creator of forever
Worked in darkness, seeing
Every need, His freedom was
Never in question, rising
In life’s newness, He
Set the captives free, you, me,
Partakers of eternity
The miracle of miracles
Jesus set love forevermore
To all who let need become belief.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I spoke to a friend who was long past today. I was in need of someone and out of nowhere.

God is good. He answers prayer and hears the cries, collects the tears.

Love to each of you. Peace cover you.

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 105


Love is the absence of fear
     Standing close to the fire
       But not near enough to burn
         Only warmth and light provided
            To draw forth kind comfort.

Seeing is excellent
     But clear vision is better
       Being able to read and write
         Without squinting or mistakes,
            Knowing what is and is not.

Hearing is needful
     But listening makes clear
         The meaning of the conversation
            With less room for confusion
               Helping dispel some delusions.

Life is love
    When little doubt, less pain
     Is in life entertained
     When many things are hard
     There is less to run toward,
     But love still holds arms out
     All the reasons known about
     Inviting the troubled soul
     To embrace, climb aboard,
     Action taken, shaken, love restores
     Calm gentleness brings peace,
     Into heart, mind, soul, evermore.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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Happy Holidays. May blessings, grace, love, and mercy abound. Go in peace and share it where it is needed.

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 99

Why Jesus?

In the shadow days
When the risk of flight becomes
A constant companion
It could be said He is why
The choice to stay is doable.
There are times prayers
Get more than ample answers,
When money stretches
Or unexpected changes
Fix problems beyond measure.
When loneliness calls
Without invitation, Love
Reaches out to soothe
The breaking of heart, mind,
Tears, He wipes them with melodies.
Food to eat, beverages to drink,
Clothes to wear, home to live,
The life He gives abundantly,
The blessing of friends, family,
The beautiful people, beings,
Surroundings fragile; unique things,
Jesus Christ, Creator, is everything
Without Him, there would be
Nothing but emptiness.
Faith, hope, life, Love, gifts
He creates generously to bestow.
Friend to everyone who calls
The Lord who knows each one
Throughout and forever, all.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This poem was inspired by the book, Inspired by Rachel Held-Evans.

2022 Creativity Project – April 1

Enough To Do

Completion of tasks
Long undone provides a sense
Of accomplishment
That borders on mystical
A release, approbation.
Overcoming blocks
And procrastination is
Difficult to do
But when the dam is broken
Blessings flow straight into view.
Life is a constant
Fight against forces that curb
Restraining creativity
Leeching imagination.
Breaking through to
Rewards and employing faith
In God’s continual
Love, grace, mercy bestows strength
With positive energy
To live productively and endure.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan