Did you create, today?

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Something often overlooked by creatives, including myself, is that the more we exercise our creative impulse, the easier it becomes to continue. 

If we are writers, we need to get some words in written form every day. Thinking about it is not enough, we need to work. It does not have to be 5,000 words, try 100. When doing it, we are allowed to write the most awful stuff ever. No one else has to see it. It is just letting the writer within know work must be done consistently. If it is done for some time, the writing improves, the length increases and projects can be completed. Almost all successful writers spend time writing daily. We can start with a minimum that suits us and add minutes until we find our upper limit.

If we are photographers, we should get our cameras in action each day. We do not have to travel to scenic spots. Take pictures of the kids, pets, yard, objects around the home, selfies, whatever catches the fancy. As I wrote in another post, we should evaluate what we see and work it to the most advantageous position we can. As with the writing, all the photos we take are not for public consumption, some are learning experiments. Editing is something we should also practice often. All editing programs require skill and familiarity to become adept. We cannot expect to be experts without trial and error.

If we are artists, at least doodling is required daily. We learn composition, shading, positioning, vanishing points, more stable lines, better collage, how to use found items to create effects, mixed media, modeling clay, sculpture, and we could fill the day with different art forms, but all require an investment of time for us to make a significant improvement. This does not have to be shown to a living soul. It is our own practice to make us what we want to be. If we do it a while doing art will become easier, and our skill will become legendary.

Even if we create something monstrously wrong, if we do the work improvement will occur eventually. It is hoped that this encourages and inspires you to make creativity part of every day.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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