Creativity Now

If you are fortunate enough to have some extra time in your schedule now, I want to encourage you to spend a portion of your day engaged in a type of creativity:

You might want to write your observations of this time in a journal or create poetry and stories that are entirely unrelated. If you have ever had the ambition to write a book, perhaps this is your ideal time.

Photographers might enthuse themselves with taking photos of a scene over some interval of days, and look at the changes, or use them in layers combined for an HDR effect.

Artists might find ordinary items in the household and anthropomorphize those objects, even working them into a cartoon or short animated movie.

For those who have culinary desires, now might be the perfect time to delve into grandma’s recipes or that book you never opened and do some food magic.

Those musicians who need some practice could try something they have never gotten around to, or write some new songs that would surely receive a warm welcome the first time they are performed.

Computer programmers and other computer geeks, this is your time to code your own project until your heart is content.

Readers, this is the time to explore everything you choose. Go everywhere, everywhen, everyhow, you wish all within the covers of books or the pages of eBooks.

Of course, any of the above could engage children or pets as subjects in work, also involving children so they better understand what can be done creatively is a valuable learning activity.

I am confident if you look at this time from the perspective of opportunity that you will find inspiration and things to explore creatively. Time is only wasted when we fail to recognize its value. These are a few ideas, I am sure you have more if you allow.

Take care, be well, God Bless You!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Short Form – Tanka

The prompt from the Poetic Asides blog by Robert Brewer for the Countdown to PAD Challenge today is a “Short Form Poem.” Playing my game, though he did not mention tanka in his list, I chose it. Tanka are counted syllable poems of 5-7-5-7-7, and I love them.


Now this weight gain seems
Definitely less awful,
Like the defiant
Mind, body, invoked wisdom
Choosing protection as goal.


Laughter sneaks into
The space between silences,
Frothing out over
The loving cup which splashes
Pleasantries freely abroad.

Okay, so we know I could do these all day long. No one needs me to test my limits.

If you are a poet, writer, or really any kind of creator, I recommend you go to Poetic Asides and jump in with your own brand of creativity.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Almost True

I will not say
But these restless hours know
I am saturated
In a willful wild
That remains always unmet.
Sometimes in the twilit
Moments between awakened
And that fond
Into dreaming,
I know some success
Which lingers only
A whisper delayed
The stilling of the caressing
Hands on the face
Of a cuckoo clock,
Let to fall silent by an
Of neglect no one
Managed to prevent.
Time is transparent
But the break
Sinks hope beneath margins
And the glimpse of dazzling
Has no fuel to write it,
No tool to catch it
Bind such dreams to present
Being reality might accept
Such opportunities developed
Possibilities, but the lines
Like traffic headed for those
East, North, South, West,
Deepening the dream
Almost caught, realized,
But need calls for rising,
Amnesia ensues.

The prompt for Prompted Positive Poetry was Dreams.

The dogs and I got out here today so I am including us.

I hope all are well and not overmuch inconvenienced by events. You are in my thoughts. I wrote five poems today should you care to read them all. May we all return to our standard lives as soon as safety allows.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Citing the fact nothing
Was ever certain until
Action was undertaken
We stood,
Hands clasped together
Only a heartbeat between us.
Roses blushing on their vines
Like the color of our cheeks,
Could we become
We expected
A shared breath
Gathered in a present where
All and everything shivered
Spiraling out of control?
Our glances meeting,
A golden opportunity,
Reflecting the sheen of hope
By circumstances,
A note of understanding
Rising joyful from our brave
No contagion could dissuade
Us from a path begun
In days past,
Our meanings entwined
With threads of confidence,
Beg we fight
Instead, becoming
A new brand of isolation.


I sat up a while during the early hours of the morning, and this poem was a result. I am hoping for more, I already have another, but I have not worked today’s prompts yet. I hope all are well. Be kind to one another. It is a new territory for all of us and understanding is essential, as is love.

If you need a prompt, imagine how you would begin a relationship in this time of panic and contagion. Create something of what you think. Any media is fine. I know some work with other than words.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan