A hug, we share, sweet
But it has been many weeks
And alone can be
Often insecure with doubt –
Returned feelings hold much clout.

Many things in common,
But time steals away being
Filled with days’ duty
Robbing us of our moments,
Hours together sincere joys.

Gifts of comfort, care,
Found in companionship here,
But time hurries past –
What we own a beautiful
Interlude – hearts, minds to soothe.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Paradise with all
Its beauty and wholesome grace
Inscribed on faces
Which evoke love within hearts
Of those become enamored.

When expelled from space
Holding beauty worth lifetimes
The world is sudden
Cold and bleak without joy, peace,
Life, talk, walk are a prison.

To depths glacieral
Body, heart, mind, soul, all plunge
With little hope, thought.
Paradise might again arise,
In another’s arms, clear eyes.


Love is an ocean
Carving the shore
Depositing rich gifts
Of beauty, treasure galore.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

It Is Better…

I will put a little different spin on this, but the quote is: “It is better to burn out than to fade away.”

My thoughts run like this, if we belong to Jesus, we are candles burning that point toward the Savior. Often we suffer depression, grief, mental anguish, physical pain, existential loss, all the things that occur when living in the world.

Even though we are God’s children, we live here like everyone. Christ in His wisdom put us here to exemplify the depths of His love. He has not abandoned us. Within us burns God’s love; the Holy Spirit lives in us.

We may come to places too terrible to bear, pain that overwhelms us, desertion by those we love. Even so, we can abide in the hope given in Christ Jesus that we have an eternity that will outshine any difficult circumstance we encounter here. Life on Earth is only a beginning, and the promise of Heaven will exceed all our hopes and dreams.

Those who do not have the hope of eternity with Jesus will fade away. As with all that death touches, these will turn to dust.

But, the living, hope, there is an opportunity to assure eternal destinations. It is not God’s desire that any should perish. Jesus came that all might have life and it more abundantly. He took our sins to the cross and died in our stead. Jesus arose in victory. If we believe in Christ and ask Him to take charge of us, He will, and we will not see the second death but will spend forever with the Lord and His saints.

It is only a small thing that we endure, for we often receive miracles. Oh, what wonder to know Jesus. Burn bright, be a light.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Add Words, Meaning

There is no life in
Blank pages of notebooks, journals,
But every one waits
However much time it takes
Genuine pleasure to demonstrate.
Willing to become
The ground for thought come alive
Words creating characters, lives, worlds
Reaching the sources which hide,
Calling to each who survives.
What comes, part unknown
The flow of something of its own
To speed a heart, mind,
Make sadness flee, happiness
A sentence given, defined.
Reckoned disposable
Things said without contemplation
Wreck havoc, devastation
More care, kindness, love
Universal reconciliation.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Define why you believe creativity is crucial, either in words or visually.

Books newly begun.
Feeling better this evening.
A phone call last night.
Knowing joy can be experienced even when happiness is not possible.
Learning new things.

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For A Day

There are many things
We choose not to think, recall,
Because we cannot
Handle all the vicious pain,
But sometimes, we dare not refrain.
Often memories
Dazzle us like bright stage lights
And we remember
Wishes that bought our futures,
Curses that destroyed our pasts.
We stand open-armed
On the island of today,
With tomorrow’s fears,
The lost promises of yesterday;
Holding steadfast hope and love.
The crystal tears shed
Today, not only for this
But unknowns, injuries,
For which there are no repairs;
Still believing possibilities.
We, hold out for love, today,
Beguiled by dreams of promise
Even as the evidence
Renders it a magic of the lucky
The blessed, ah, but glorious bliss.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create a page or more of freed work. Go over it and develop something.

The rain.
Trash bags.

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