Sometimes life is hard

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Sometimes nurturing our creativity is difficult, life can pull the earth out from under us making us question who we are, why we exist, what the meaning of this experiment is. A loved one dies, a relationship breaks, we are dismissed from a job that we allowed to define us, a natural disaster destroys our sense of safety or any number of other stressful situations, and suddenly we question our identity.

At these times reviving our love of life and recovering a sense of purpose can be much easier if we embrace our creative selves. Maybe we do not feel capable of anything special, maybe all we can do is write one sentence, one line, draw stick figures, take a photograph of our shoes, sing in the shower at this point anything we do can lead us away from despair and losing touch with our inner balance.

Creativity is an expression of involvement in and love of life. When we are grasping at reasons to go on, we can do something for someone else and lift ourselves up. We can write letters or emails to faraway friends and family members. We can help a child draw a picture. We can take pictures of loved ones, print them, and give them to others who will treasure them. We can record a message for someone who lives at a distance. We can knit, crochet, or string beads. Anything we create is moving in the direction of fulfillment.

Do not entertain the thought of giving up. We are precious, each one a masterpiece, capable of works of genius. There is no reason that we cannot recover from our wounds and move into the future with hope. Nothing can destroy us unless we give it power over us and through our creative nature we wield power to make life what we dream it can be. There is a purpose to every life event that so humbles us, we must discover the gifts and bring those gems into our present and future moments. Creativity is a prime mover toward becoming whole and self-sufficient again.

We must be strong, embrace our dreams, believe we are capable of greatness, express our gratitude for what remains, and engage life with a creative desire to improve our lives and those of all others.

Thank you so much for visiting Haphazard Creative, I hope that you find inspiration and encouragement here. There is a follow button to your right that allows you to receive updates when there are new posts. Comments are always welcome. I hope you have an outstanding day and exercise the incredible creative impulse that resides inside you. Take care.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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