Moving Beyond Our Hurts

Pricked finger

Reaching for a rose
Pricked by the well-hidden thorn
Blood pours from the wound,
Just as the heart when rebuffed
Becomes a festering sore.

Only sheer strength, love,
Can heal spirit when we lose
Hope to carry on,
We must create new meaning,
New reasons for survival.

Each one of us can
Turn our failure, loss, defeat,
Into beginnings
That take us from one chapter
To another, holding dreams.

We are stars, windows
Lit by candles, captives freed,
Joy embodied, friends
To be discovered, visions
Of success, hope; creatives.

We can change our world
Molding it into something
Representing love,
Challenging others to make
A difference with their lives.

We may be tiny
Compared to the universe,
But our lives matter;
Every one significant
Filled with creativity.

Our festering sores
When exposed, opened, revealed
To the light of love
Can heal, making us become
Ambassadors of great joy.

In situations
We can choose dreams or darkness,
We create our lives;
With every breath, heartbeat,
Possibility arrives.

We must reach beyond
What we imagine limits
Us, becoming more
So our dreams surround our hope
Creating shared happiness.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, September 8, 2017

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