The buildings fell down
The smoke clouds have all dispersed,
But today, today,
Even with the years gone past
None of us has forgotten.

There is a shadow
Lingering over us, all
Likely never will
Be free of the memory
Tattooed across every mind,

Written on each heart
In scars, time cannot disguise,
Loss, tears, oceans deep
Pain the world cannot comfort
Innocence, safety, gone; lost.

Everything is changed,
September eleventh was
The day war came home
Made itself a part, fabric,
America’s life writ large.

Peace is still wanted
But we will never back down
Giving up our ground,
Let them call us bloody brave
Courageous, forever free.

No challenge we face
Is too large for our country,
We are forged in fire
We neither run or give up
One nation under God, all as one.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, September 11, 2017

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