What is it about?
All this doing and going,
Do we know lovely?
Have we tied ourselves in knots
Because of things we are not?


I Will Be Writing…

When I am tired, and pain is eating me up.
When my mind is hard-pressed to contain itself and continue against disease.
When the bills come with no relief.
When I doubt anyone cares about my words or will read.

I will be writing because, as far as I can discern, there is no line, no boundary, drawn between words and who I am.

It has always been reading, writing, being. Take my experience of language from me, I likely would quickly cease to be.

Each curving mark, sentence, punctuation mark is endowed with life, a portion of me.

Maybe I seem to exaggerate, but given time away from expression, I begin to regress, fade, lose will to continue, and become unanchored in reality.

For some writing may be a pastime, an idle pursuit, and that may be best for them. Me, it is living, dealing, breathing, so I Will Be Writing…

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As a prompt: Think of something that defines or confines you in existence. Create something that expresses this, and perhaps a blueprint for change or greater success within your personal constraints. Remember you can only control what you choose to acknowledge.

2020.08.04 Lily and Bee rr

Situations 1, 2, Something More

First, we shall begin with a story start. Sometimes I just noodle around with things and see where it takes me. I am a No Filter, No Boundaries sort of person when it comes to creativity.


Morgan walked across the pavement cleanly edged with green, to what could be a gothic castle. Turrets, stained glass, rock walls, but closer, partial bars on the windows. No, it clearly was not a castle. In the near distance, the painstakingly manicured lawn was broken and dotted with marble monuments. The building was a handsomely disguised mausoleum, a repository of the dead.

She had roamed the halls where a voice could echo off marble timelessly, numerous times. Even a whisper could carry room to room.

She was allowed all over the vast building and knew the attic was a storage facility for emergency rations and necessities in case some disaster struck the metropolis.

Morgan hoped she was wrong, but she also knew a considerable waste disposal dump lay adjacent, just beyond the lawn of careful plots. She wondered when the dump reached capacity, would the graves seed it with resting bodies?

Those thoughts she pondered from time to time, but just now, she sought the coolness inside the imagined castle and shadows of comfort after the Summer heat had toasted her, and the bright white light almost made her blind.

As she opened the heavy door, the quiet took her by force. It nearly enveloped her in peace. Peace, however, was not hers to be had.


This next is about today’s experience.

I avoid going out, but my stores of food, particularly dog food, were depleted. I ate lunch at Del Taco, I had lunch for $1.75. I had to correct the person at the drive-thru when I made my order. I think she thought I was upset, but it was not that, I just wanted it right and I have this voice thing. If I get in any way excited, I get louder. I hate it, but I have no way to control it. I promise I try, but… sometimes I really do not like how I am.

I went to Sam’s Club. All over the store, they have moved things around. Put that on top of my usual anxiety with being out in public, and I almost had a bad situation. I spent about three times the moments I would generally have in there today, and I never found some things I wanted, needed.

I came home and unloaded. The dogs would not eat, though they were excited about having food. I fed them by hand for a bit.

I have tried to relax, but this has not been a better day.


The sunshine, the rain,
The grass, pines, dandelions,
Look, comfort abounds.


Find me in the deep
Of thought where anxiety
Is no longer freed.

As a prompt, create something about situations you have faced recently or some you imagine.

I hope your day was pleasant, and you accomplished what you intended. If not, resolve to find better solutions on the morrow.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. I am so glad you took the time to see what is here. I hope you will follow the site or return as your leisure grants. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

May God Bless and Keep You and Yours in all you do.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Ways and Meanings

Love is not easy
In this alien world fraught
With pain, but Love is…
And through trials, troubles, heartaches –
Whatever comes, LOVE remains.


She gave her heart to
A worried man who never
Learned to hold her dear;
So found herself in the plight
Of a raveled rope, loose ends.


6 Word Poem

Getting going, slow to start out.


What our pets don’t know,
As much as we care for them
They nurture us, too.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I have been extremely busy with chores. I took off two Explorer loads of trash and recyclables. I also had to overhaul the Kirby, new belt, new bag, and clean the roller brush. I have a lot to do tomorrow too, so I am making this entry short.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Enjoy!

As a prompt, when you are tired and want sleep, but have difficulty, take a pen and paper to write what is consuming your mind. You might find a surprise.

Take care, and God Bless You!

During Dark Hours

Going, going on,
Going, where are you going?
Can I go along?
Can I, with you, pretty please?
Going, going, don’t leave me.


We read they were good
People, full of love and free
But they are all gone,
Seems another version of
People live where they used to be.


2020 sees
Us, we are coping it knows –
What it plans, unknown.


Poetry is hard
For AIs, grammar checkers,
Or maybe I am
More difficult than I ought
Be, I ignore some changes.


Never give up, don’t
Stay on the ground once knocked down,
Keep climbing, reaching,
You are able, capable,
Be who you are when you dream.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Breaking Blocks

I cannot do it –
No writing today, no way,
There is emptiness
Where words usually stay,
I am a void, avoided.

The blockage, or drain,
Ruins my fingers, my brain,
Mushy like rubish
Heaped up, creation abstains,
Poetry, write it, insane.

Push the envelope,
Cover the paper, pages,
Somehow, I will, must,
Even if writing about
Stoppage is all I am able.

The gift fallible,
The commitment unstable,
Still the only way
To reach the long distant goal,
Be faithful to purpose, will.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As a prompt, if you are blocked or just need a subject, create something about being unable to work. It always seems to work for me.